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Pax Venatorum is recruiting! We already have a solid core group of players, and we'd like to expand a little. Check out what we're about below, and if you're interested, please email
Thanks for taking the time to check us out!

Pax Venatorum is a Light RP fleet in Star Trek Online made up of a group of casual, mature, Star Trek fans.

We are:

Casual - We're not power-levellers. We're not min/maxers. We don't play 40 hours per week. We're in no hurry. We play when we can. Real life comes first. We remember it's a game. We don't like drama. We're pretty laid-back. That being said, "casual" does not mean there are no rules or that nothing is expected, required, or prohibited. We simply mean we take the time to enjoy the game, and not race toward max level. We donít want members who click through mission text to zoom through the game as quickly as possible. We want to enjoy the game and the Star Trek lore together.

Mature - We're not in high school (or younger). We're not trash-talkers. We respect our Fleetmates. We respect other players. We don't whine. We don't grief. We're not concerned with pwnage.

Family-friendly - We communicate intelligently. We keep it mostly clean. Strong language is not forbidden, but it should not be pervasive. It should not be your only means of communication. "Adult themes" (of a sexual nature, etc) are not welcome, and will not be tolerated. That's not what we're here for. Politics, sex, religion, or other potentially controversial topics should not be discussed in our forums, chat, or Ventrilo server. We just don't want to bring that stuff into the fleet or the game. Not that we're anti-anything, it just stirs up drama we'd rather not deal with. Consentual private discussions about those matters is okay, as long as both people agree, but it shouldn't be in any public area. And the cardinal rule: be considerate and respectful to each other.

[b]Friendly -[/B] We're friendly in general. We're nice people. Remember: you represent the Fleet at all times while you play.

Helpful - We are in this together. We cooperate. We help each other toward our individual and common goals. We will have your back. If you feel like playing solo sometimes, that's no problem - there are no grouping requirements. However, there should be an underlying sense of helpfulness, especially to your Fleetmates. We share. There are no "dues" etc, but if you're not going to use something, consider checking to see if it might be of use to one of your comrades (but if you really need the credits, sell it).

Star Trek Fans - We love Star Trek. We like to talk about it. We like to enjoy the game, and relish the fact that we're taking part in the Star Trek universe.

STO Fans - There is no shortage of people who seem to enjoy complaining about the game, the developers, etc. We understand that creating and running an MMO isn't easy, but we think Cryptic has done a heck of a job with it. We believe if you hate the game you shouldn't be playing it. Expressing opinions is one thing - constant bellyaching is another, and it's unwelcome here (in this fleet, that is). It brings people down. We don't want a lot of negativity.

Light RP'ers - We don't require you ever be "in character" in the game. Any RP (when it exists) takes place on our forums rather than in-game (but if you'd like to RP in-game, that's fine). We add a little depth to our characters. We do expect you to develop your character (have a backstory, bio, motivations, goals, roles, etc), as well as contribute toward the development of the story of the fleet as a whole. It would be nice if you play in a way consistent with your character. We're not going for 100% immersion, but we do want a degree of it. Character and ship names, bios, and backgrounds should be consistent with the Star Trek Universe. If You have no care or concern with the universe the game is set in then this is not the fleet you are looking for. Adhering to the lore of the universe even if only in passing is a must as is respecting those who want to immerse themselves in the Star Trek World. If you have a name which at first appears to not be consistent, you should have a plausible back-story as to why that name works. Most of our RP will probably remain on our Forums in the form of bios and stories written by our members but we may also hold RP events in game but they are not mandatory.

PvE'ers - We are not focused on PvP. We're mainly a PvE, questing, and exploration fleet. PvP if you like, but it will not be a prominent part of the fleet as a whole.

Faction-friendly - While most of our mains will belong to the Federation, many of us will have Klingon alts (or other factions, when they're available in the future). "Sister fleets" will be established for each faction.

A fellowship of Equals - We're not pretending to be your boss. We're all on the front lines together. For the sake of administration and organization, there will be fleet officers, but each voice of the membership will be heard.

Close-knit - We're not looking for huge numbers. We prefer quality to quantity. We're not looking for people who join the fleet, then are not heard from in 3 or 4 months - we want to get to know you.

If youíre looking for these things as well, you may have found the fleet that's just right for you!

Thank you for visiting. We hope to hear from you soon!
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03-06-2010, 08:35 AM
Forgot to add: we do have a website, forums, and a Ventrilo server.
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03-07-2010, 07:03 AM
We're mostly US-based so far, but we do have a couple of UK members.
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03-13-2010, 05:26 PM
We've still got room for a few more mature, casual players.

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