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# 1 Forum - Remember Me
03-06-2010, 12:49 AM
When I try to login these days, the option to remember me, doesn't seem to work anymore.

This is the same, whether I'm using Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari on my iPhone.

It was working fine about a week ago, but now it doesn't.

I've cleared out my Temp Internet Files, cleared cookies, all that stuff.

It's just this website too - other websites remember who I am.

Any ideas?
Lt. Commander
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# 2
03-06-2010, 12:59 AM
Did you block cookies from this site?
Lt. Commander
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# 3
03-06-2010, 01:21 AM
Not unless my computer did it itself, since it was working fine just over a week ago and I haven't mucked around with any of the browser options (and on my iPhone too?)

(I've just added to allow cookies and that hasn't made the slightest difference. Every time I close down IE or Firefox, it demands that I log back in the next time I open the browser).
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# 4
03-06-2010, 05:57 AM
Had that happen to me on a ecent windows update. What I had to do was go to the main site. Log in to my account(as if I wanted to change something in the account) selecting remember me before hitting enter. Then when I go to the forum It will remeber me.

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