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# 1 Science RA looking for fleet
03-06-2010, 12:08 PM
Hey guys i've been searching for a new fleet for about two weeks now with horrible results. Let me tell you a bit about myself, my character, and what im looking for.

Character Info:
Name: Juroden
Race: Trill
Spec: Science (dedicated healer both on the ground and space)
Rank: RA

Player Info:
Age: 25
Occupation: Small business owner
Time Zone: Eastern (US)
MMO Experience: swg, coh, ***, wow, champions

What I'm looking for:
I'm currently seeking a fleet of more then 20 people, less then 100. I have no desire to join a megafleet but also dont want to be the only one on 90% of the time. I'm looking for a fleet thats jack of all trades, not strictly just pvp or pve. The leader of the fleet must be an admiral. I'm sorry to all the ltcmdrs out there but I've forgotten more about the game then you know now, im just not interested in listening to your orders. As for teamspeak, vent etc i'll hop on for a raid if need be but i have no desire to hang out and listen to stories about what happened in home room today. Speaking of which, I'd prefer a 21+ age limit but I can work around that. If your fleet has a kickass angelfire page from 1995, please dont bother me. Your website is trash and I have no desire to reside there. I know this wall of text makes me out to be a *****, and for that im sorry. However I know what I want and am tired of spending time in godaweful guilds. If you've read this, met the requirements, and dont want to punch me in the face, please reply!
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# 2
03-06-2010, 12:10 PM
hey again and good luck on finding the right fleet for youre wishes m8.

life prosper
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# 3
03-06-2010, 08:55 PM
good luck to ya, but holler if you feel you can fit in. we're mega but we separate the commanders from time zones so not a whole 300 come on at the same time, that's insane if we did. 20-30 on at all time is more than enough even with a megafleet like ours.
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03-14-2010, 03:54 PM
I would like to formally invite you to become an Officer in the United Britannian Fleet (UBF). As an Officer in the UBF you will gain many new friends and a support base to help you in game and out of game. Also, if you pick the Command role, you can go up the Chain of Command (CoC) and lead your Officers in a Division in the UBF. The UBF is in need of great people to join in one of the Divisions in the fleet. We have Division which include Judge advocate general (JAG), Fleet Personnel with Fleet Academy, Fleet Intelligence Agency (FIA), Fleet Exploration Diplomacy, Fleet Science Medical, Fleet Engineering Corps, Fleet Logistics, and Britannian Armada, with Military Assault Command Operations (MACO's). All of the Admirals are looking for people to take the posts in the Division.

If you choose the UBF as your fleet to join, you will have all the benefits from the other officers in the fleet. This includes new ships/repairs, technology for your ship and character, combat/ backup from Britannian Armada is space and MACO’s on the ground and you will have access to the Fleet Bank when you need it for RL issues. The UBF will have your back in all areas you will need.

More information about the UBF, we are a laid back organized fleet that are: PVE, PVP, FPS, Strats, and RPG that loves Gaming and Star Trek. The UBF has over 80+ Officer in all ages from 15 to 50 from all over the world. That includes USA, UK, Canada and Mexico. The UBF is a very mature fleet so; we can handle any age and any location you are at. The UBF is a part of the League of Fleet (LoF), which is an organization with Fleets helping Fleet.

I am Fleet Admiral Merlin Cole, Commanding Officer and the Founder of the United Britannian Fleet (UBF). I have been a gamer for over 11 years and a Star Trek Fan for over 15 years and have been waiting for this game or this type of game for over 8 years. So, I know how to lead and have fun, I am respected by all of my Officers and I am respectful to everyone of my Officers from the top to the bottom. I do not have a military back ground but I do have a Military Advisor(s) in the UBF. That gives me advisee on stuff I do not know.

When you are ready to take part in a great Fleet, look into and join the United Britannan Fleet (UBF). Here is information on how to contact us!!!!

STO Thread:
Fleet Website:
TeamSpeak 3 Download link


Merlin Cole, Fleet Admiral
Founder and Commanding Officer
United Britannian Fleet
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# 5
03-14-2010, 04:03 PM
I can't be as swish as the previous poster, but I'll throw a hat into the ring.

I recently join a fleet called 'Second Fleet'. They seem to be a good bunch to play with. They have vent and a forum so communication isn't much of a problem.

It runs quite well, and I can tell you they definatly like RA5 ranks as we can have more people to do Special Task force missions.

They operate in multiple time zones. If you want more info on them check out their main thread

If you like what you see, leave a comment. If not, no harm no foul.

As a recent addition to their fleet I can vouch for them.
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# 6
03-14-2010, 04:38 PM
We are a guild of old SWG players (Sinistar). We do light pvp, but mostly group pve. If you are interested, here is our info:

Also feel free to throw me a shout here or in-game.

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