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We are a small Federation fleet, although we plan to create an associated Klingon fleet very soon. We value both fun and progress, and we are open to all who enjoy the game or Star Trek in general.

We cater to both casual and hardcore players (PVE and PVP), and we plan to progress (end-game) as far as the game will allow. Please remember that progress can only happen with matching availability schedules.

We also welcome roleplayers, and we have a forum dedicated to roleplaying, from planning in-game events to posting log entries or entire stories.

We have ~10 members (5 active) in total at this time, but we are open to expansion.

We formed in the Open Beta, and our founding members are veterans of other MMOs, most from the same guild. To date, we have PVPed on occasion (with decent results), and we have completed the first raidisode, STF Infected, with only 4 players and within 3 hours (including breaks). We also completed STF Infected with 5 players within 1.5 hours, including breaks.

We are (mostly) mature adults, many of whom have families and/or jobs. Our age policy is strictly 18+.

We have members across the world, based mostly in Europe. No matter where you are, you will be welcome here!

We have our own high-quality, free voice chat that we can use for anything Fleet-related, from end-game raids to general chat and banter.

For simplicity, we base all times off GMT (London). All Fleet chat, voice chat, and forums are in English. (Other languages can be used in private channels.)

If you are looking for a friendly group of helpful, mature players, then sign-up today and check us out!
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