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03-07-2010, 12:52 PM
Originally Posted by Thrax73
The thing people use to do all the time in old mmo like vanilla everquest, before the power gamers with their step-by-step strategy guides, vent required, and minimum raid attendance showed up screaming how great they are for beating the hardest things on planet earth, digital critters.
This is very true . . . I'm glad that there are developers willing to cater to people who actually try to make lasting friends and relationships with the people they meet in these Online worlds. Isn't that the point of these games? To bring people together for the common purpose of accomplishing a goal? Establish a mark in the world, help one another advance in the game and actually have fun?

I'm very happy that Cryptic created a game that is very casual in nature, but for those looking for a challenge and an opportunity to practice true teamwork, then this is the answer. I don't think there is anything wrong with providing challenging content that works best for a tight group of friends to work through. Ventrillo access really just helps subvert the time it takes to type instructions. However, Vent should never really be mandatory, but I understand the sentiment.
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03-07-2010, 01:56 PM
The problem with most "guilds" in most games that I have played is they don't care at all about most of their members. They do things that the "core" members want and you MIGHT get some help in the process but I wouldn't hold my breath. And there are other guilds that are just a joke to get into: fill out a questionnaire, write an essay on why you would be a asset to the guild, show up to several events etc. I play a game to get away from stuff like that.
I can understand its probably to weed out the kids always begging for money and items and cussing out other members when they don't get the help they want but I don't know...
I would like to find a good guild that helps all of its members and doesn't require a big fancy resume to join but such a thing does not exist.
Which is why I am glad most things in this game can be done "solo".
So go ahead call me bitter, if it makes you feel so important.
I do somewhat enjoy the SPACE pvp in this game, even tho a few abilities are heavily used while most are all but ignored. spam rsp fbp vm much?
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03-07-2010, 04:34 PM
Originally Posted by Chnmmr View Post
No luck so far. About 15 hours of trying to kill the queen and still can't manage it. I have no idea how these '4 man no healer' groups are doing it.

Useful equipment:

Tactical = close combat and squad leader kits, lots of large hypos and shield charges (30+ of each at least).

Engineer = fabrication kit, lots of large hypos and shield charges (30+ of each at least).

Sceince = healer kit, lots of large hypos and shield charges (30+ of each at least).

Clearing the rooms/corridors.

1. Get your tactical dudes to kill the nodes while wearing "close combat specialist IX kits as the motion accelerator buff means they can retreat after the node is dead.

2. Kill one node at a time and fall back dont rush and try to kill both if theres 2 in a room, fall back to a corner or door way where your medic and engineer should he waiting (as they do not have the hold debuff option)and fight using the corners ect for cover, force field is great as it blocks you from being swarmed by loads of drones.

3. Dont be afraid to fall back to a new position as you will get over run now and again, your engineer and medic should always be at the back of the group.

4. Moving out of the cover of a corner or door way to fire or using them to narrow the amount of drones you can see (and can see you) instead of standing in the open like a idiot will allow you to kill without taking bags of incoming fire, as well as giving you the option to move fully out of sight with a few steps and recharge/heal.

5. Repeat until all rooms are clear.

Killing the queen

1. Clear all corners and kill the drones in them, you will need to kill each drone twice but knocking them into the plasma makes it quick, the use of force field here is cool as well as it pushes them off or at least to the edges if used correctly and placed in the right position.

2. Do not upload the virus and after you have picked a corner to fight the queen prepare by having your tactical guys put on their squad leader kits and make sure you have all your buffs and hypos/shield charge slots filled.

3. Spawn the queen and if you prefer get a tactical guy to attack her with a batleth as this seems to make her focus on him and not spam AOE effects (that is not fully confirmefd but it seems to work).

4. WATCH YOUR OWN SHIELDS/HEALTH, having a medic is good but its up to you to help yourself with heals and shield charges so dont be lazy and expect only to fire your gun.

5. Having 2 guns (one in each of your slots) means that if you switch after a special attack you get more special attacks more quickly due to them not having a global count down.

Folow these steps and you will likely kill her the first time and be worthy to do numfars dance of victory..:p

4 dudes no medic doing numfars dance of victory!! img:

Full 5 man team fraps of the queen kill, inc numfars victory dance!!!:

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03-13-2010, 04:02 AM
how sad.. the latest "state of the game" seems to think there isn't even a problem.

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