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So far I've had:

- A couple broken exploration quests that bug out or don't give SP or other credit

- Some system patrols, such as the Muso System, that cannot be completed. I did the aforementioned Muso System mission twice with other players and didn't get credit, so I dropped the group and tried it again solo -- still no luck. I even tried switching instances, no luck.

- "Story" missions like the Great Bloom and the Time Travel/Spock Enterprise mission: The former took me about 45 minutes and I even got a "Your Mission Is Complete - do you want to leave the system?" But when I did, I couldn't hail the mission NPC and it was as if I never did the mission at all. Likewise with the Time Travel mission, I had to do it three times in order for it to finally give me credit for completing it.

- Ground missions where something bugs out and mobs and/or objectives become unreachable: In one mission I reported through the in-game system, the target mobs had somehow wandered beyond the invisible "walls" that box in the mission area. In some cases I could pick off a mob or two when they wandered back in, but could not reach the rest.

- The Commander-level Fleet Action (not the CE, the other one) NEVER worked while I was leveling up through the Commander rank. I had the mission, and every time I went to the right location I would just kind of do that awkward space bump with my ship, without any dialogue box or way of participating in the Fleet Action. In zone chat I'd see people asking if it was "fixed yet." I'm still not sure if it works since I haven't tried since leveling to Captain.

I understand any new MMO is going to have bugs and a big part of fixing those bugs is player contributions -- finding them and reporting them in detail to the developers and working with them to help get things fixed.

But I would also appreciate it if there was a sense that there is a real, around-the-clock GM staff taking care of these things. Every reply I've gotten so far has been a form letter, which I can understand for some issues, but when an issue is a major point of frustration or a road block to progress in the game, the player needs to feel as though the GM staff is there to help.

I'd like to relay an experience that could have been a game-wrecker for a new player: The very first time I logged into this game, on Feb. 2 at the beginning of Head Start, my ship got stuck in the debris near the Borg probe and I spent almost a half hour trying to get out, opening a ticket, asking other players for help. Keep in mind this was the very first space mission, I was probably only 20 minutes into a game experience I had been anticipating, and I was extremely frustrated because I simply couldn't move. The reason I got stuck in the first place was due to a bug, which placed the Borg probe INSIDE the wreckage -- and after about 10 minutes of asking in Zone chat how I might target the Probe, another player said he'd had the same problem and had solved it by flying into the wreckage. So that's two big frustrations right off the bat, a couple of minutes removed from the character creation screen.

Ultimately, another player helped me get my ship out by taking me through a couple different suggestions: Relogging (which didn't work), using /stuck /unstuck (which didn't work), throttling engines (which didn't work) and finally changing instances (which did work).

But all told, between the bug that prevented me from firing on the mission objective, and subsequently getting stuck while trying to target it, and talking with helpful players in an effort to get unstuck, that was about an hour of frustration right at the very beginning of my STO experience. And the GM contribution? A form letter reply the next day.

So again, I realize there will be bugs, I realize you get a lot of reports, and I realize you're probably up your necks in bug reports. But it would help enormously to improve customer service in this regard and go a long way toward showing your subscribers you're serious about providing a good game experience.

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