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I've heard people repeatedly complaining about how "poor" the away team pathfinding is for Bridge Officers. While no expert in that field I have noticed something that may help with at least one of the more usual problems: Doorways on indoor maps.

The default formation for a four officer away team, plus the player, is a semi-circle flanking the player. While this is attractive visually and allows all 4 members to be visible at the same time it also lends itself to the officers getting "stuck" on the sides of doorways as the player travels through them. This is especialy true of those maps that have decoration "flanges" or struts on either side of the doorways.
The player moves through the doorway, and the bridge officers keep formation which leads the two outermost officers into the strut/flange which is where they get "Lost" The two rearmost officers frequantly are even with the sides of the doorway, and the trapped officer then gets "stuck" on that officer as they try to go around each other.

One workaround to this problem is for the player to strafe sideways through the doorways on indoor maps, "allowing" for the shape of the away team formation to fit through the doorway as a whole. Usually this results in no officers getting stuck on the sides of the doorway.

Inverting the formation to more of a wedge shape, or perhaps a boring old square/rectangle that is about the width of most indoor doorways (which seems roughly standardized) may alkleviate the problem without having to fiddle with the pathfinding code.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
# 2
03-08-2010, 11:24 AM
Yeah, that's a work around. And you can also use the Rally Point command to get them to move through Doorways. But the pathing is STILL Broke!

Here's an example: I'm doing the Taris mission with an Engineer. My kit allows me to build health regens, mortars and phaser turrets. I'm in a room where I've set up a mortar behind a phaser turret, and I want to pull the mobs "closer" to my mortar turret. So I use the Rally Point command to have my BOs move back a bit ... But they get "stuck" on Chroniton Mines and can't move! Now normally they can jump like gazelles, clearing large boxes with a single bound. Yet in this case they can't "step over" a mine on the floor!?!

I'm sorry ... But Pathing is not working when this type of thing happens.

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