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Like most people, my friends and I usually fill out the remainder of our away team roster with bridge officers. When we bring an engineering BO with the Shield Recharge ability, that BO will diligently repair the entire team's shields during battle regardless of who actually owns the officer.

However, when we bring a science BO with the Medical Tricorder healing ability, that BO completely ignores the health of anyone other than their own health and their captain's health. Even if someone else is on the verge of dying and the BO's Medical Tricorder ability isn't on cooldown, said science officer will not intervene, ever. Not unless the BO's owner manually forces them to.

Frankly, this makes them fairly worthless as medics to anyone other than their owner. Considering the diligent shield repairs the engineer BO performs, I can't help but wonder if the science BO's lackadaisical behavior is intended or the result of some bug. Any chance you can look into this?
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03-09-2010, 09:16 AM
I was kind of hoping that by now someone would post something like "Wait.. my science officer heals the entire team, including my friends and their bridge officers..", and then point out something obvious that I was overlooking. Anyone?
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03-09-2010, 11:08 AM
As a workaround, you can select your teammate who needs healing and then click the science officer's heal button to force a heal.
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03-09-2010, 01:11 PM
Yes, but when you're trying to perform your own role it's difficult to also play the role of medic-via-third-party effectively. You have to not only be the one doing the healing via proxy, but also monitoring other people's health the entire time in order to be reasonably effective at it. And, honestly, if someone were interested in bothering with that responsibility they probably would have just been a science officer themselves from the start.

That said, does anyone know if it's possible to create a limited macro that can be bound to a single key (in this case, assigning a "target party member" function and the bridge officer's medical tricorder ability to execute on a single keypress?

Workarounds aside, I don't see why the science bridge officer can't just heal the entire away team (that is, an away team that consists of other players and their BOs) with their medical tricorder skill in the same way that an engineering bridge officer will maintain everyone's shields without being instructed to. It just feels very broken.

I'm surprised more people haven't complained about this. Are players just not bringing science bridge officers with the medical tricorder skill along in their groups? I suppose it's more of a concern to me because I enjoy melee, and the melee damage I receive in return bypasses my shields and goes directly to my health. Meanwhile the other captain's science BO pretends nobody is dying.

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