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I have a problem with my beams intermittently not working, I have tried trouble shooting it in-game myself and with a few other helpful people. I can confirm it is NOT me running out of weapon power or anything as simple as that.

The fault occurs about every other mission and either my single fore beam bank, my dual aft beam arrays or all my beams stop working for the rest of that mission. Even if I complete a fight and then let every system recharge the beams will not work again until I zone out or re-log. The next mission they work again for a short period and then one or all will fail again for the rest of that mission. It is to say the least extremely annoying.

I have aske din several zone channels and several people have complained that they have the same issue and they can only fix it by re-logging or zoning also. I am a tactical commander level 9 in a cruiser ship.

I have submitted tickets and not got any useful reply othe rthan being fobbed off basically. If you have had a similar issue can you please post here so we might actually get some answers. And if there is a thread about this already please don't say "search is your friend" as I did search several phrases before posting this, to no avail.

I would appreciate a dev response to this as having to re-log every other mission and trying to complete missions with half or none of your weapons other than torpedo's is getting a bit old.


Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
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03-08-2010, 12:46 PM
Gonna point you to this thread thats already ontopic.

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