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# 1 My Thoughts so far
03-08-2010, 09:55 PM
Yes i am staying i like this game alot, just the share scope of maps and size of said maps is amazing, but there are a few things i would like to mention. Give some basic feedback on.

The first is ship interiors. The ablitiy to walk from the bridge to the lowest level of your ship just maximizes the captian of your own ship rp. I think this should be one of your prime focuses. Acomplishing this opens up a whole new door of play ingame. Allows you to add things later on to the interiors to give people content. So baisicly its a win win. Also being a trek fan myself, being able to tour the insides of your ship gives the player the Star Trek feel to it.

The second thing i would like to say as far as feed back is dont get too wrapped up in putting out these stfs for end game content. Now i am not saying just forget them, but i am saying dont make that your only primary concern. There is alot to the star trek universe that has never been touched on in dephth. One of which is the Romulan Empire you know its there, but the traditions of the Romulans, and what they truly seek. Even there history has never been really looked at. Hence why i was upset when they destroyed romulous because they took a, excuse the expresions, virgin territory right out of Star Trek.

Your looking for content for klingon, well there something there too, that has been barely touched on. The klingon Academy, that is something you can use for the Klingon faction. Its not like starfleet academy where tons of info have been placed out there on it. Or even episodes for that matter.

Lastly on the feedback side if it i would like to say content is good, but make sure it gives the player the star trek feel. Any fool can beat a instance, now creating a instance that never looses its touch, thats something rare. I dont mean making it hard i mean giving the player that star trek feel to it.

Just wanted to post my feedback thank your for your time.
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# 2
03-08-2010, 11:57 PM
Well the game itself is realy great. There are a few things that bug me, but since the game is just fresh out of beta i guess this will settle.

What i recognized is that you have different control keys for ground missions and space which is a little confusing.

Also an option to add a chase camera to space would be nice because it would help a lot to see where the nose and the man weapon of your ships are pointing to other than just to do it with the mouse and hope the Camera does not recenter.

Development has taken the liberty to translate this game in german language. In fact there are already some Mission you can read in german. What is weird for one is that some of the missions are half english half german. And much more confusing are the typos. So the "Sternenflotte" (German Term for Starfleet) has become "Sternenlotte" (something simmilar to Starlotti) in the german translations.

the customer service needs a big boost as well i think. When i file a "Stuck Character" Ticket i expect a GM to show up at a acceptable time frame (within 30 Minutes its in other games). What i do not expect is a GM telling me what is written in the FAQ a day after this and had not helped at all. Items wasted, buffs gone and mission had to be aborted which means no effort. Thats something that could brake a game neck from the beginning. Even in the some not so well visitied online games with not so much GM Stuff you have a response time from 15-30 Minutes if you file a "Stuck Character" Ticket and there you recieve realy help and not just a copy paste of the FAQ.

For Space Joystick support would be nice on the one side, as well as some changes in spaceflght and spaceflight, because at the moment you reach a bottom line somewhere where you cant level your ship below. Which is difficult if your NPC opponent is there and fires but you cannot bring your ships nose in to face him because its end of the gamers map.

Those are a few things i expierienced in the 4 days i play and maybe some of it helps.

I knew its mostly based on what i have encountered and does not speak for the game itself, but i just have my expierience with the game to share.
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# 3
03-09-2010, 12:31 PM
Anyone else have some constructive feedback?
As far as the GM issue your not the only one that has said this hehe. Ive seen a couple posts on the subject. Seems they need to work on there GM department.

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