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Hello everyone.

I'm searching for a fleet with mostly mature members who generally understand the game, their characters, and how to play them. I'm a MMO vet that started with Ultima Online, I've played almost all of the mainstream MMOs since, and some of the not so mainstream ones. Typically, I'm a big PvPer, but not feeling it yet in this game. I think it has to do with the style of the game. Who knows, I may grow into it. But I wan't the option to PvP at my leisure, so not interested in a 'power' PvP guild unless the option is given.

I enjoy grouping and helping others. Will offer up any knowledge that I may have to people asking questions...but tend to roll my eyes at the ones like "where is Sol system?", "how do I get to Memory Alpha?"

Got the game a week ago and have gotten two Tact officers to Commander. Going to give it a shot with a Engi for the next couple days and see how I like it. Name in game is Voldrya@voldrya, give me a shout!
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03-08-2010, 06:00 PM
Hail Voldrya,

The Canadian Federation has a wonderful PvP division... I would know because I lead it. I'd welcome you to join us and bring destruction to the KDF. We also have very good PvE, RP, and Engineering divisions if that is of interest to you also. We are a casual fleet, and make no requirements of our members to be at any event, but simply provide fleet functions you are welcome to attend at your leisure.

The link in my signature will direct you to our official site, and I encourage you to have a look. If you like what you see register and make a post. We would love to have you join our ranks.

Wherever you go, and whatever you do we wish you the best of luck.
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03-08-2010, 06:05 PM
Hey Voldrya. Currently the Corps of Engineers is recruiting (and I need members, lol). And don't worry, we dont only offer engineering positions, we just like the sound of it. SCE is a light to mid RP fleet, and we plan to stay up until STO goes down.

So, if you're interested, toss me a PM
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03-09-2010, 07:08 AM
Hey mate,

The Shadows are always looking for people like you. We are pretty casual, laid back people. Most all of us just enjoy grouping up together to run anything from pve to pvp.

Check us out and if you are interested, just pop a message on our forums and we'll find you in game.
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03-09-2010, 09:06 AM
Greetings Voldrya I welcome you to check out the our fleet The Sentinels. You sound like you would be a perfect fit.

Welcome to STO!

The Sentinels are a multi-gaming community with an average age of 30+ and no drama!

We have an active membership in several different MMO's and are building our Starfleet Division here in STO. At this point we have about 50 to 60 active members in our fleet and are steadily growing. The overall guild has over 500 active members and we also maintain our own guild Ventrilo server. We look for quality over quantity, and have a very thorough application process. Its our goal to make sure you are as happy with us as we will be with you.

Our retention rate is very high as we promote more of a gaming community then a single game guild.

Feel free to check out our recruitment thread at or just follow the links in my signature to learn more about us.
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03-09-2010, 11:50 AM
youre free to join my fleet.

life prosper,
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03-09-2010, 12:11 PM
You may want to consider us.

The Alliance Fleet offers:

=/\= .......=-==.....=/\= .......=-==....=/\= .......=-==.....=/\= .......=-==....=/\= .......=-==.....=/\= .......=-==....=/\= .......=-==.....=/\=

Well established fleet since beta.
Mature membership base from all over the world. Ages ranging from 23 to 72 currently.
Outings include PVP, PVE, Raiding, Fleet Actions, etc.
Opportunity for advancement in rank
Freedom to in invite any mature friends you know or meet
Our own Ventrilo (available but certainly not mandatory).
Full website: The Alliance and Forums: Forums
Fleet bank open to all members, fully stocked with mods
Mission specialist for any questions
Leadership highly experience in running Fleets/Guilds and large scale PVP

=/\= .......=-==.....=/\= .......=-==....=/\= .......=-==.....=/\= .......=-==....=/\= .......=-==.....=/\= .......=-==....=/\= .......=-==.....=/\=

Sorry but we only accept mature players. We are all long time gamers who really don't want to deal with screaming kids and chat spammers. Only rules we have is that you treat other players with respect, help other members when you have time, and most importantly have fun playing the game the way you want to.

=/\= .......=-==.....=/\= .......=-==....=/\= .......=-==.....=/\= .......=-==....=/\= .......=-==.....=/\= .......=-==....=/\= .......=-==.....=/\=

Please feel free to post Here with any questions or request an invite. Or on our Forums
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Greetings Voldrya from the Vulcan Kolinahr Fleet

We are the Vulcan Kolinahr Fleet, made up of Vulcans and other races who value logic and analysis, who are medium RP and very organized around our central concept: To enhance and enrich the STO experience for our members. We help each other with info and game items (shared in our Fleet Bank), we don't require our members to do much more than share info and intel, and we respect RL - always. We have members on odd schedules and our membership is worldwide - there will always be at least one VKF member around to team with perhaps more as our numbers are increases every day. Away missions are real fun with a group of players coordinating on Vent (faster than the chat box), and space battles are...epic!

Theres a lot more to the fleet than a post can explain check us out at and see if we are what you want.


'Dif-tor heh smusma'

Live Long and Prosper!

Join VKF!
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03-09-2010, 01:14 PM

LNR Guild is a large community across games and has a strong presence in STO.

We are a Fleet/Guild that is founded on being inclusive. Here are some important facts you should know:

* Casual & mature - Anyone can join who will follow and help enforce our charter

* Stable - Established guild with over 6 years experience

* Multi-game guild - While many stay in a game (I'm a lifetimer) as you might move on to new games, so do others in LNR. Stay with the same gang as new games come out.

* PVP - For those interested, we have highly organized PVP teams and events

* Strong Leadership - Members can prove themselves and become highest ranking leaders through our election process - All of our leadership was elected -- they have proven their leadership

* You can be an officer - Join the STO Chapter now as a Member or Acting Director / Officer for a limited time. Elections for new Co-Leaders will hapen in the weeks to come, so get in now.

* Voice Chat - Private Vent server (only join if you want)

* Strong communication - Full featured website (over 100,000 posts), roster, forums, chat, image gallery, and more spend your game time ...gaming...discuss guild matters on the website

* Inclusive guild - not exclusive - We don't require you to be on at certain hours, play certain amount of time, or play a certain play how you want to.

Please join us and learn what it is to be part of a legendary Guild.
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03-09-2010, 07:57 PM

STARFLEET DEFENDERS is a mature, casual fleet for adult STO players. We are a fun fleet who is more concerned about playing together and enjoying each others company than getting to the highest level. No matter what we do, we will enjoy doing it together. I believe that each member is unique and has something to add to the overall personality of the fleet.

Whether you will be a casual gamer who only plays twice a week or an avid gamer who never logs off doesn't matter to us. STARFLEET DEFENDERS is looking for members with personality!!

100+ plus members canít be wrong!!

Bottom line is when it comes down to it you get an established fleet that has been around since early beta with a mature membership base from all around the world so no matter what time you log in to play there is usually someone online. We have our own website, forums and vent server.

Be a part of a fleet that's going to make STO history, not be STO history in a few months!!




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