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Terra Australus is an Aussie based fleet originally formed in WOW to group players in the Australian/NZ time zone, but since growing we are happily recruiting members from all over the globe. We are a mature group of players who are currently focused on leveling up, PVP and having fun in a great community.

We support all play styles so feel free to be involved in end game when it comes around, PVP or just do your own thing in a great social environment.

Contact Quin@Corndude (Aussie Time) or Tomaloc@Aaron36 (US times) for any information.
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Terra AustralUS is looking for all players regardless of countries.. We plan to have a PVP wing with officers and the likes. We need any and all people who are mature and social who want to play the game and develop the fleet as the game grows. We are looking for solids players that could be offficers as well. If intrested contact Tomaloc@aaron36 in game.. or look us up in game. We will be happy to assist
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# 3
04-23-2010, 10:37 PM
Hey mate

Just interested in your STO Fleet. Are you still active ?

As I would like to join. I am a very casual player, maybe one day a week. I like leveling, taking care of forums, and basic pvp. Atm I am Lt. Cmdr 5.


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