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03-09-2010, 11:31 AM
Originally Posted by Gold-Rush View Post
Sure, I will go in, but I am not seeing cursors and pixels flitting about in the film. I always am willing to drop preconceptions at the door. I liked Star Trek : 2009 and had reservations.

But technology has increased to make things look less "blinding". Heck, the move to dark suits are one way to prevent eye-strain. The thing is, even with my photo comparison, things are still too dark. You can barely see their faces as is. Again, it may be a Cinematographer's decision, but I propose, the REVERSE is possibly true. The lack of at least a well-lit face(s) will make people not focus on the characters, either. Their eyes will be dating around as much as mine were with the well-lit scene; in other words, there is no place for your eyes to focus on in a conventional sense (two faces speaking). So, you may have the same problem, especially if your adernaline is pumping after the last action scene and you want this lovey-dovey convo ended so the next bit of action can begin.

And don't forget, while signifigant changes/updating CAN work, it also HAS failed, too. A good many examples on both sides can be brought up.

But, ultimately, we shall see in December of this year if this movie can draw in new folks and capture the old audience.
Okay, good point... we do have the special effects technology to make a TRON-like look less visually torturous... so the darker atmosphere may not be necessary... but I still propose that it is not necessarily wrong.

Also, I said that that was the cinematographer's intention. I didn't say the cinematographer did a good job.
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03-09-2010, 11:33 AM
Originally Posted by SusieBot View Post
now it's just another CG-fest.
unlike Tron?

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