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03-09-2010, 02:35 PM
I read recently that a convicted murderer was basically Cyber Bullying the family of the kid he killed from prison, taunting them about what he'd done. Ignoring the fact that Cyber Bullying is fast turning into another type of crime, who lets a killer have Internet access in prison?

Talking about parents being ignorant, or willfully ignorant of what their children do when it comes to the Internet, computers, and video games, I have my own personal tale connected to this:

A few years ago, I worked in a very well known toy store, that also sells computer games. GTA:SA had just been released multi-format, and we'd all been told to make sure people were aware it was an 18 rated game. On launch day, this sweet little old lady came in with her 8 year old grandson, and she told me that he really wanted to play SA.
"Okay," I told her, in my Salesman voice, "Just so you're aware, the Grand Theft Auto games are incredibly violent, and the player can steal cars, run people over, and have intercourse with prostitutes."
The little, sweet old lady looks up at me, taps her tongue stud against her teeth, and replies "F*** it, the little b*****d plays Manhunt."

...What could I say to that?
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03-09-2010, 03:50 PM
Originally Posted by Great_Milenko
Theres this thing, I know its old school, but it worked when I was a kid, its called PARENTING
Guess that went away when they invented the child leashes (have you ever seen these? I see em every day at work)
The child harnesses, or "leashes" as you call them, are a wonderful invention. They let your toddler run around in a defined radius, while making sure that you as a parent know exactly where they are. Toddlers have an amazing ability to run 50 feet away the instant their parents' attention is averted.
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03-09-2010, 04:21 PM
Originally Posted by Great_Milenko
Im listening to the radio about a forum called and this lady is sueing them for the abuse her underage girl got on the site, an she actually went to the police to attempt to get these ppl arrested, but honestly, the things I heard they were doing are no less than stuff I see here all the time lol
Name calling/trolling flaming etc, and cause of what I see here I was like "yeah and...?" they were calling it cyberbullying...

Is it that bad here? O.o
I didnt think this was THAT bad but apparently "normal" ppl think this is cause to get the cops involved...
FBI too from what Im hearing. Thats all just so lol worthy
If someone is bullying you on an internet forum...inform the forum moderators? And if that doesn't work, leave. No, surely not no. We can't do that; that would make sense.

Anyway OP, you have any links to the news article? I think there may be more to this then just some kid getting their feelings hurt. I have looked up the website you mentioned,, and have not seen any record the case you are mentioning.

I have not even heard of this site before, but it appears to be an anonymous question and answer site. So unless the girl had a moment of epic stupid and started posting personal information, the people on the site wouldn't be able to harass her outside of the website.

But I do think it is sad the state where someone who had their ego bruised on a website want to start a lawsuit against the site. Geez, grow up a little.

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