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Originally Posted by blkjag View Post
With all due respect.. you really need to read the entire content of the conversation/replies and understand the intent of it before replying and making assumptions about someone's gameplay. And you should take your own advice about adjusting..

First SNB.. does not shut down the system.. "it increase your recharge timer" again read the description.

2nd - I play and fought in alots of PVP, and I play Fed and I had adjusted according and i found VM, FBP & SNB are not "I' win" as people claim, it becomes powerful when 3 or 4 people are focusing on you.. noticed I said 3 or 4 people.. on " one vs one" the issue is not so acute and easily counter-able. I have lost many of fights in pvp, and I have use all counter and attack measures that are available and put up good fights, but when its 3 to 5 against one.. there nothing you can do.. that why people said it OP and it not this one set abilities, it could be other sets of abilities/skills as well. So the issues to me are not the abilities/skills itself, the issues is the scalability of effective and damages when you are engage with more than 2 opponents at one time, especially in a pvp setting.

3rd - if you ever noticed in any of my postings.. I always takes the independent role, before nerf any "core" class abilities, and these are what they are "core classes abilities" I do not care if you are a tactical, engineer or science class - my position will be the same, "do not" nerf any core class abilities that affect their innate and key core skills, without understanding the entire impact and picture. We should understand everything first, before crying nerf with solid evidence, facts and data, and understand if the issues is the abilities or it is cause by something else.

What you do not seems to grasp, the issue, made not be the abilities/skill itself, but could be another abilities/skill hat made not be working that could be in completely different area than what people think. To rephrase it. what I am saying all abilities and skills should be investigated first, which you did not grasp. Finally, the only OP skill I see they really take a look at first, before anything else, is Cannon and its had to do with two specific and simple reasons.

1. No counter to cannon fire and this should be look at. Is this an energy weapon or not ?
2. Based on the description that "Cryptic wrote about cannon - it does two things well, compare to the rest of the key weapons - phaser, and others instead of one thing well, which in my opinion is causing some of the OP issue - if you read the descriptions along with other key weapon description, you will see what I am talking about. Cannon should only do one thing well, not two..
You can read the description all you want, but in actuality what SnB does is start a countdown timer on all your abilities that lasts x amount of time. The fact that you are going by the description and not by what actually happens leads me to believe you have no ACTUAL PvP experience, or are being intentionally misleading.

2. FBP can be an I win button even in 1vs1. In a match tonight I was getting hit with FBP for 2-3k per pulse. Even if I stop firing I have to suck up the pulses generated by 5 beam weapons that fire 4 times each (nothing I can do to shut them down once started) which means I am getting hit for anywhere between 40-60k damage directly to my hull with no resistances what so ever. My only option is to stop firing which allows my opponent x number of seconds of free firing on me. And if he has more than one FBP he is virtually untouchable. I don't know how you define an "I win" button but if that's not it you and I have radically different Ideas of fair. As for the counters to VM you have science team if you're not in an escort. Science team is so easily dismissed as a counter all it takes is hitting someone with something like Jam Sensors to completely wipe out it's effectiveness. Because Science team negates the first science debuff to hit you. So Klingon hits you with Jam sensors then VM you hit science teams and you're still stuck in Vm because they cleared jam sensors. And since BoPs can out damage an escort and under VM you can't even redirect shields you die pretty fast. Again how is this not an "I win"?

3. VM and FBP are not core class abilities, and while SNB is a class ability it is so far out of balance with what the other two classes get at that level surely you can agree that it needs tweaking. This idea that any adjustment is a nerf is a fallacy and needs to stop. How about we just make it do what the description says and increase the cool down timer instead of starting one. That way I can at least get an ability off and since it is a science debuff maybe Science teams could take it off.

4 I am indeed grasping what you are saying and as you can see here you are just plain wrong. The problems with VM and SNB and FBP do not lie in other skills. They are inherent to themselves. You are the one who seems unwilling or unable to grasp this which leads me to believe that you are just trying to protect your I win button. In all honesty, if I were to have my way, I would take away any power that for all intents and purposes unplugs someone's keyboard. They are not fun. They do not make you a skilled player. They lead to cookie cutter builds where you are either doing it to someone or you are specced out to counter them. They widen the gulf between PVEr's and PVPers. They become a crutch where all fighting skills go out the window and all PVP becomes the race to see who can spam hold who first. They have almost zero bearing on the IP. The problems with these types of powers do not lie in some other skill that is not working right these types of powers suck the fun out of pvp, they are cheap and I question the skill of anyone who uses them. After all if you can only fight an opponent who cannot fight back how good are you?

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