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# 1 My thoughts
03-09-2010, 11:16 AM
There should be an actual holodeck, were we can fight off 10 klingon warriors or birds of prey or what have you, and leaderboards to track the best; and maybe even team scores. and something must be done about tactical officers 5 tacs together can't do Infected on the ground by themselves. Tac is most common bridge officer type; and there no ground missions to bring your Klingon bridge crew to. And fix the exchange so that BO show there space and ground skills (sometimes it just shows ground skills) and no way to search for a specific officer skill, which is why you buying a bridge officer anyway. Also give us large landscapes to explore for unique items or missions that you can't get anywhere else, and make it so it moves the treasures around randomly, and no cirlces on the map. And solo and small team missions on the ground be nice. More escort missions or tracking missions or assaulting the enemy camp on the ground type missions. I'd like to defend a starbase in space against waves of borg, klingon, romulan whatever; I'd like to assault one as well, and not talking like starbase 24; we need something that the enemy can actually destroy. 10 person raids be nice; and we must have fleet tournaments and leaderboards.

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