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# 1 A bit more
03-09-2010, 11:53 AM
So I need more quiet moments. If I'm flying VIP from point A to point B; why don't I give them a tour of the ship, or meet them in ten forward or the holodeck or in my cabin for dinner. I want staff meetings with my bridges officers where they report to me, I need conversation trees with choices that I can't undo so I have to care what I say to people and what they say to me. We need a zone that is open PvP (so we can enter a duel with any ship we run into on big map) and systems to conquer and a way to see which systems belong to which side, some bonus associated with holding each system, and make it that if you die you can't enter that map again for 24 hours. The Queing process starts up a map, and if someone on one side doesn't enter the PvP match then matches can be one sided. Don't start match til full teams say they ready to enter. Give us a system with planets that has NPC ships flying back and forth with the Feds defending them and the Klingons trying to blow them up. Or trying to hunt Romulons scouts trying to sneak through the neutral zone, patroling a giant minefield, with science ships pointing out those that get through. Running a blockade from the Klingon side be awesome as well.

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