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I'm looking for a new fleet to join.

If anyone knows me out there, they will tell you I'm less then a god but more then a man .

I have been floating around space since head start and running with a few Fleets here and there but now feel its time to join a well established one that caters for Admirals and new players,
as I like helping the new peeps on missions and things.

Here a few Details on my Characters.

RA5 Tactical.

I fly

USS Reaver NX 92931 - E / Star Cruiser
USS ODIN NX 92932 / Defiant Class

The USS Reaver is my main, its fully pimped out with top end Mk X gear, Just like my Toon.
The USS Odin is my mess around ship and side hobby, I tend to use it when I help lower players.

If any Fleets out there are currently accepting new member,
drop me a line on here.


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