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Apologies if some of these have been posted before; I've had a quick look and can't find exact matches to all of them...

1) Inventory/Banks
a) Would like to see an Autostack button for stackable items.
b) An autoarange button, possibly filtered by Type, A-Z, Base price, even Ground/Space type.
c) Multiple Item select for moving items between locations.
d) Account-wide banking access or a small area of the bank (maybe 10 slots?) that are shareable to the rest of a players account.

2) Stores
a) Multiibuy options.
b) Sorting options within the store screens themselves to make selections easier.

3) Exchange
a) Sort by Price option and pricing filters.
b) A item trading facility at the exchange, maybe an auction facility.(Yes I know it's very Eve Online, but hey, it works and they didn't invent the system.)

Ok, so this isn't really part of the UI but what's the point of forcing 5 players together to make a fleet if the fleet can exist with only one person in them?
All that happens is people badger x amount of others into starting a fleet and often they are left in the fleet by themselves to get an extra costume slot, ability to use a fleet bank to item swap and a really cool (!) name .
I really don't see the point, either a fleet should be disbanded by Starfleet if it drops below 5 members (maybe a 48 grace period to deal with assets) or anyone should be able to make a fleet as just one person since the end result is largely the same.

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