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I'm still getting occasions where my 1-0 keys stop working, either when I first enter a mission/instance or later. This happens both on ground and air. The weird thing is, alt1-0 and ctrl1-0 still work fine when this happens, so its not a problem with the keyboard, it's clearly a software issue.

And today my arrow keys stopped transferring energy to my shields for no readily apparent reason...and after a couple fights, just as mysteriously started working again.

Also, in the same fight, on a couple of occasions, I found myself able to move my ship, but not turn, either with the asdw keys or by mouseturn. This was intermittant, and only fighting Orions, so It may be some weird weapon that turns off your turning (but not your movement? Weird) but I've never seen that kind of effect as a debuff, and I didn't see any debuff flags on my ship when I targetted myself.

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