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04-15-2010, 09:34 AM
it may not be the gfx card itself remember.

type /fps in chat to get your framerate.

i often get a bit of lag, although my fps is up in the 70-90 range (yes... that high) it is actually my hard drives.

If it is def. your gfx card, try alt tabbing out, try turning off advanced gfx effects like shaders and stuff.
if that STILL doesn't work, use my incremental system.

turn everything to OFF or LOW. start, then gradually work your way up the scale of things until you hit a problem. keep going til you max out the settings. then go to the one that works. you might also try combos, such as advanced physx off but gfx quality high.

Video card: nVidia GeForce 8600GTSx2 (SLI) (1GB ea.)
Windows 7 Ultimate
Intel Quad core @ 3.2 Ghz/core
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04-15-2010, 11:23 AM
Well recently my game performance has improved slightly with the more recent patches, but I still cannot be counted on anymore to do any jumping in "Infection". Strangely enough, the response time on my klingon character is much better than my Fed. (whatever that means) I've tried using the FPS tool, tested my firewall, removed the same firewall, alt-tabbing out, lowering my graphics settings, etc. Nothing has worked better than gradual improvement of performance I've got from each patch.

Guess I'll be poking about on my Kilingon for a while until I can get this thing straightened out.
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05-02-2010, 02:44 AM
I have never had an overheating issue... because I manually set my GPU cooler to run at 65%. Nvidia fan control is horrible on automatic... it will wait till it reaches a ridiculous temp and then slowly ramp up from 40% speed. If you keep it at 65% from the start it never overheats... BTW I have a 260GTX...

That being said... I commonly have an issue in the game where my GPU utilization will suddenly go from around 30-60% and then be permanently pegged at 99% in the game... even after restarting the game. This causes my FPS in space to go from a constant 60 fps (capped due to vsync) to around 32 max. The only solution I have found was to reinstall DirectX and reboot. Reinstalling DirectX works for me every time.
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05-02-2010, 05:19 AM
I'm having horrible framerate drops in fleet actions and larger PvP battles after upgrading my GTX 280 to a GTX 470.
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05-02-2010, 04:36 PM
Originally Posted by Kyronea View Post
Ever since the past couple of patches, the game has gone from excellent to completely tanking graphics wise.

I get huge amounts of rubber-banding, rubber-banding on steroids basically to where my ship or character will snap back to its former location several times a second, constantly, rendering it completely out of my control even as things around me continue to act. (Often meaning that my ship is defenseless and is destroyed in a matter of seconds.)

If that wasn't enough, even when that's not happening the framerate has suddenly dropped enormously.

I can't see how it could be an issue on my side. I've got a quad core CPU with eight gigs of DDR3 RAM and an NVidia 9400 GFX card, and, as I said, it was performing beautifully up until the past couple of patches when suddenly this started to happen, without my having altered anything. And nothing I do seems to stop it. I've tried messing with the video settings many times, even setting them at the lowest settings and I still get the exact same problem. I've ensured nothing else is running in the background and still, same problem no matter what. It essentially renders the game unplayable, and I am completely baffled by what could be causing it.
Rubber banding isn't a graphics issue, it's a connection issue. Either your connection has gotten bad in the last few patches, or the servers have gotten worse. If it is the latter, then everyone would have experienced the same thing.
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05-02-2010, 05:41 PM
I thought most knew by now , if you got a Geforce 'M' chip (laptop) then dont buy the game , they havent been that good with STO's codeing from the start and Cryptic have shown no signs of fixing there code for it.

When you can play every other game on max yet STO falters on even low settings something is wrong , many have posted about it all yet no word from Cryptic , they should say laptop may or may not work here even if your specs are alot better than they reccomend. Ill tell anyone with a laptop who asks , not to join STO , fix the leaks and codes PLEASE.
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05-11-2010, 01:30 AM
Originally Posted by Alexraptor View Post
I'm having horrible framerate drops in fleet actions and larger PvP battles after upgrading my GTX 280 to a GTX 470.

Both very good cards, I've been looking at the GTX470 as well.

I upgraded from:
AMD X2 3800+ (@2GHZ)
MSI (nforce 4 chipset)
Same 8800GT
x2 500GB
Same psu

To the rig in my sig because I found the frame rate would drop to unplayable levels in fleet actions. Now with my new rig I still find some rubbing banding and frame rate drops after the patches. @ first my new rig would often get 40-70+ fps in space and ground, max setting 1680x1080 res. Now I find my self changing video setting to try and stay above 25-30 fps. This upgrade cost me 1200+ > $1778 > 1399 and a life time (190) sub with cryptic points (15). I still enjoy the game and cryptic is improving it all the time, I hope that they fix the fps problem because my rig is not low end.

Have you tried your GTX280 again ? same frame rate drops

As for the GTX470 its a very nice card. But for me, once they fix the heat and power consumption with a new version and drop the price (8800GTS vs 8800GT etc) I will be on that like a ferengi would to a bed of latinum.

Originally Posted by psytce View Post

Make sure you write a support ticket .... I got am answer to my problem, buy a new graphics card ...

I played the game for 5 1/2 months, chosen for Closed Beta, and now all of a sudden it is my card.

Let's see $300 divided by , lets say 3.5 because in closed neta you didn't have access all the time.

$85.71 per month ..... I got this as a gift and don't know if I can afford to buy a new graphics card for a while.

Thing is if I had not been playing the game in Beta (Closed and Open) without major graphic issues, I probably don't buy the game or the lifetime ......

Have Fun
An upgrade is always nice but can be costly and yes we all hope that our hard money earned is spent well (so not just giving it away). After all it worked now you got a problem. Let hopes that a forthcoming patch fixes the problem with out having to spend out more money
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05-23-2010, 03:49 PM
I have a 9700m GT card, and it plays flawlessly on **** and other games. It used to play flawlessly on STO until a patch in March. I even played it on the quality setting on STO and ****
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05-23-2010, 04:26 PM
Originally Posted by JonathanMax
A similar thing happened to me. I was able to play The Borg Deepspace Encounter but could not attack the Borg Spheres. But somehow they were able to attack and destroy me. Really weird.
No no, that's just the messed up "balancing" efforts. Don't worry, if the patch makes it to live like this, other people will have trouble too.

Much more seriously and on topic, I run Nvidea and do not have "those" issues. BUT....I do find my client crashing several times in a row before I'm able to connect to Tribble. I thought it may have been a software conflict until reading this thread.
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05-23-2010, 04:37 PM
Originally Posted by enioreh

<Content omitted to this point>

I too think that this is not a gfx card issue but a server issue, I have played many other mmo's and have had similar problems which were all sorted on the server side, not by updating my pc!!!

I am in the uk, I do not know how many others in the UK are experiencing this, but my friend in scotland had exactly the same problems at the same time as me the other night. this was roughly when traffic from the usa started to come online, it made our game unplayable , server disconnecting / rubberbanding/ unable to log into account server etc.etc.

I have tried cryptic support twice with regards to this to see if there are any changes i can make to my internet preferences, but get put in a queue, then get a recorded message telling me to log onto champions online support website.... WOT KIND OF SUPPORT PHONE LINE IS THAT!!!!

I payed good money for this game and enjoy playing it, when i can and if i can, but as a paying subscriber, i am appalled at the level of customer support, these issues should be fixed quick, (cryptic must be making a fortune on this game)and maybe even get a european server up and running , to see if this helps with these issues.

hopefully a support tech will read this and respond, as i can't be bothered to use the inadequate support phone line again
Come on fella, buck up. None of us are telling you to upgrade your system.

I think the points that you need to walk away with are:

You need to move to the U.S. to count. If you lived here, in the U.S. you could prolly talk to "Bill, from Wyoming." who is indeed an Indian national working out of a call center in Bombay. These Tech-Supporters sadly, already see the writing for STO on the wall. You should feel warm inside that the Indian people, whom England imperialized for quite some time, even care enough to steer you in the direction of Champions Online.

See, now don't you feel better.

Edit... Or was it "William from Liverpool"? Those guys must have an identity wallet longer than that of Fletch.

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