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04-01-2010, 04:53 PM
Originally Posted by SaintHazard View Post
Well, he's been rating the entrants publicly since the start, which is less "real life competition" and more "American Idol."

You don't have a studio audience, dude. We're not tuning in from our living rooms. It's okay to do it all privately.
I still don't think someone who walked into the thread and tried to take it over was a sound choice to be a judge. Judging from his last post too that appears to be the case again.
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04-02-2010, 08:08 AM
Originally Posted by Capulet View Post
Please do it all privately.... no need to tease
Where's the fun in that?! D:
Yeah, though...I feel like a bit of a dork right now.
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# 63 The Results are in
04-08-2010, 08:44 PM
I appologize for the span of time between the end of the contest and the results.

I'm not going to ask anyone to keep with the pot if they do not wish to. I'm going to bump my contribution up to 15K and make it a total of 30K for each of the winners.
Since we had a total of six entries that qualified, I will arange an in-game prize for the three that did not place.

Due to that the rest of the judges have yet to respond, I feel obligated to pull my entry and judge myself. Results will be partiall influenced by Captain Butters rulings as well.

Originally Posted by Captain Butters
Computer Generated:
Jhon Kent
Captain Zero
Best in Show
By default as a result of the rules regarding judging, Deker takes the Physical catagory.
Originally Posted by Dekar_Corvus
The Aftershock!

The ship is a physical model. You can see it by watching my UFO video in my signature. Most of you already have.
For the computer generated catagory: Schorfi
Originally Posted by Schorfi
Jonathan_Kent's was close in this one, and his entrie reminds me strongly of the USS Challenger from the front cover of the New Earth series novel Challenger.

Hand-Drawn Catagory: Bluerougekyles
Originally Posted by Blueroguekyles

United Federation of Planets
Zenith-class Heavy Cruiser
Registry: NX-94780
Chat's USS Pixie is a classic here, but Blue takes this one.

As an honorable mention, Ravenstien's Solar-Class star cruiser.
I know what it's like working with Paint to create computer designs of ships. It can be a difficult and prolonged task.

Congratulations to the three winners of the contest and to all who have entered. They were all excellent entries by my standards.


Computer Generated

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04-11-2010, 06:41 PM
What must I do next? Just steer me in the right direction, I'll send my contribution!

And thanks for everything. :]

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