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03-14-2010, 03:03 PM
People ***** about science, but it isn't that the class is overpowered, it is just easier to use to great effect for a newer player. Tacticals and Engineers can be far more effective than Science in 1v1, if the proper skills and talents are taken.

I have had to run from a number of tacticals in 1v1 with the appropriate skills, the ones that buff their base damage. If I don't get an expose on them, things can get quite dirty. Even when I do get an expose on them, if they have the right kit, I won't kill them with my expose/exploit combo...sometimes I only take out their shields (same with engineers). Resists are king in ground matches, just remember that...

Engineers get a kit with all their greatest abilities: Fuse Armor, Weapon Malfunction, Shield Recharge, and Weapon Diagnostic. This will ensure they are in the fight for a good long time and are INSANELY effective in 1v1. A good engineer with the proper kit and talents is a BRUTE in ground PvP. Shoot, you don't even have to be that good, just use the proper talents...

Each of the other classes besides Science get chances to expose, which will usually take out a non-healing scientist in one shot if done properly. They also get abilities which greatly add to their longevity or regular combat effectiveness.

What not to do is go into a PvP map with ground emplacements and expect to be uber awesome. Don't expect to be a close combat tactical and do super well.

I prefer my science officer because she is the most fun to me, but if she gets nerfed, I will always have "overpowered" engineering builds and tactical builds I can play.

and you people think a good scientist is a nightmare...try a good tactical :p

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