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03-14-2010, 01:38 PM
friday night i was the only guy on in my 40+ man fleet. i spent it in borg hunt finding fair duels and grifing noobs who switch instance for an eay time. way funner than 5v1 in cracked planetoid. but i repeat for the umpteenth time. ANY time im on, and a fed team wants to organize a private match, i am game. its been weeks since the OPVP chat channel has been utilized for this purpose. instead of biching and moaning, try to organize something yourself. frankl;y im sick of wasting my time when plenty of klink teams would jump at the chance to fight a fed group, but all you want to do is fight pugs. you created this dilemna. deal with it
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03-14-2010, 11:29 PM
Originally Posted by DracheJager
I am afraid there are so many that agree with this assessment at this point as to promote a Hellgate:London or Tabula Rasa gut feeling. Out of nearly a dozen very Star Trek and MMO gung-ho group of friends who waited frothing at the bit for this game to come out, we are down to three, one of whom plays rarely and begrudgingly (my wife), another of whom is on his last legs, and myself who sees little point with the micro amount of pvp available.

Essentially, what we are down to is roughly 25% of the original group, all three of whom are fading quickly, and I have to believe that our group represents a wide variety of the player base with Military, Medical, Blue Collar, Legal, and Techie careers and a common interest in Star Trek and MMO's in general.

This isn't an I quit post, this isn't a flame of anyone or any game, rather a factual representation of the reality of the game I am currently still playing and the friends I miss.

Check out CrimeCraft this game has only a 100 or less players during peak time. Lots of promise for this so called persistent shooter (MMO) which their team failed to deliever. "its still around"

PotBS, still around altough its player base has gotten smaller. ***, big hype for release, lots of 1st time subscribers, and lots of cancellations, still around with 4-5 servers.

Yes, the first and second quarter of the FY, will be productive and turbulent for C team. Anyways, players come and go, game can stay as long as their $$ coming from somewhere.

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