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I just started the "Suspect" mission and the first two anomalies were easy to track down, being that they were right next to each other.

But that last one? Next to impossible.

I just spent almost half an hour trying to find it because it took me forever to try and line up the distance marker with my ship and, every time I'd think I would be getting closer (i.e. the counter counted down), it threw me for a loop and started counting up again. So then I had to move a little in every direction to see which was the right way to go.

I personally think that, for things like this, a "Plot a Course" option would be essential. I know the anomalies are on the map and we can click on them, so I honestly can't understand why we can't plot a course to them the same way we can plot a course to any system on the area map.

I think, if this were implemented, it would be easier for a lot of people and ease the frustration.

Loving the game, otherwise

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