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04-16-2010, 07:22 AM
Originally Posted by Troggon View Post
I thought there we fighters used in DS9 during the Battle against the Founders.
They did..your response is to someone who is spouting more idiot rhetoric about stuff they don't understand. Not YOU of course..but the person you responded to that is.

The fighters are called Peregrines and were used in the Dominion War. A clear example of their use is in the DS9 episode "Sacrifice of Angels".

Personally I think carriers ARE canon..those Peregrine had to come from somewhere. And on a further note..carriers are not cruisers, dreadnaughts, or battleships! FFS..people think carrier and think it's a massive ship with a zillion guns AND fighters. No...dammit no a carrier is a mobile support base for fighters, and usually hides BEHIND cruisers and other warships for support. Admittedly it does have firepower outside of the fighters it carries...but nowhere close to that of say a cruiser or even escort.
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# 132 hmm
04-16-2010, 10:41 AM
on an earthly role i would agree about carreirs but the federation never wanted to feild such ships. what they did want are ships that have supportive roles. how those fighters got the the battle well simple. they have warp capability ladies and gents. they can go very far. Not only that but again if you have a wing of galaxy class star ships their is your ride. Those ships have huge cargo bays along with 2 medium bays. there is an episode i think its yesterdays enterprise where u actually get a peak into the main hanger bay on the saucer section.

a carrier is not need or rather a new ship. the federation has ships already created in cannon that cryptic can access. the Galaxy and Nebula are two of them along with the ambassador. big bays for such actions are needed. the federation are not like the klingon when it comes to ship class. The federation has modular in mind while the klingons only want big bad hurty things to throw at you until you die. thats why they have carriers. The federation just need our t4 cruisers to have that ability to hold at least 3 or 4 fighters
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04-16-2010, 11:39 AM
Liberated borg cube?
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04-16-2010, 12:36 PM
All right, I'm sick of this discussion, below you will find a scan from the Star Trek The Next Generation Galaxy Class starship USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D blueprints designed by Rick Sternback and Todd Guenther and generated by Jeanne L Rogers, Daniel J. Gauthier.


If you look at the image you can see how large the main shuttlebay of the Galaxy class style saucer is and how easily one or two fighter wings could easily fit inside that bay, as well as the main shuttlebay of a Nebula class starship.

Now let us please consider this foolishness settled and move on to petitioning Cryptic until they add Carrier functions to the Galaxy class and possibly Sovereign class and to add the Nebula class and giving her Carrier ability as well.
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# 135 i have that
04-16-2010, 01:23 PM
i have that book as well good to see someone else knows the real mechanic behind the galaxy class and nebula starships
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04-16-2010, 01:37 PM
By the late 24th century Starfleet was building ships that could do EVERYTHING. Not just one thing or another. That special design focus began again after first Contact with the Borg and snowballed from there. Then you got special ship designs like the Defiant and the Intrepid class and the Steamrunner and Norway class.
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04-17-2010, 09:05 AM
This is all well and good, but if they start tweaking federation cruisers to do Carrier-type functions, I really hope they give the Carrier more... of a lot. The Klingon Carrier is supposed to be a science vessel, but you can hardly use a lot of the science functions because it has only 1 deflector dish. I've argued before that perhaps to deal with this issue, and make pvp against them at least moderately more difficult they should add a deflector dish on the rear of the ship as well. That way enemies would be forced to stay on the side arcs or feel their wrath.

As for the side arcs, with the new (and I'd say proper) change to the Carrier ship, I'd also argue that they should probably add 2 more Slots for bop/shield repair/Siphons. From a reasonable standpoint, it just doesn't make sense that a -Carrier- of all things, would only use 2 birds of prey. Calling it a Carrier seems a bit much at that point. Particularly given the low intelligence of the BOP pets that fly out of it, and their lack of controllability.

The damage amounts that people can deal out so far outclass a ship that can't turn, they pose no real threat in pvp, and considering Klingons were meant and destined for pvp that's a big problem indeed. I'm not saying they -need- to do all these things, but if they start giving your Federation Cruisers the ability to operate as a Carrier... then they must make up for the fact that a Carrier only has 6 gun slots and horrible turn ratio. With only passing moderate amount more of hull.

I say this as a player who plays primarily Federation side as well. I like a balanced pvp game, and I hate seeing whole classes of characters unusable in pvp. I like a game where its 'anyone's game' in a pvp match, as long as they know how to use their ships. I'll grant, there's a few good Carrier captains out there... but they really are fighting with one arm behind their backs. So please don't flame me about that. I'm just arguing for their defense here.
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04-18-2010, 02:28 PM
Thats true dodgehopper. If the kling carriers blow, they should get it right before even thinking of making a fed one.
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04-21-2010, 11:51 AM
Originally Posted by UFP-Magnis View Post
now the galaxy in ds9 was not supper ubber. they where regular galaxy. its just that when you have a wing of them they are most deadly. the fact that non of them got through with the defiant shows they arent more powerful. I.
nitpick time.

The reason the galaxy didn't break through with the defiant was that said galaxy's were keeping hundreds of dominion vessels busy fighting, together with the rest of the fleet.

The defiants wing of agile destroyer sized vessels was set to break the blockade from the very beginning - attempting to stay and fight would have been a bonehead move.
So they made for a break and the defiant, being the sturdiest of those ships, made it through to the end of this run.

Could a wing of Galaxy class vessels and vessels assigned to them broken through? Yes. they could have. But then the rest of that fed fleet would have lost their support.

Aside from that: we have seen the galaxy on screen in ds9 performing battleship roles. Be it as battering ram or as a spider in the web of smaller vessels, firing phasers at full power (nice when those arrays light up fully).

Starfleet employing 2 variants of the same design is not an unthinkable act. have one galaxy setup geared for exploration and the other as a full blown warship.

Just take the galaxys overall hull design for example.

Its chunky. beefy.
Lots of space that can serve as buffer. Armor the thing up. Even if you break the shields (you probably could fit station grade shielding on that frame) theres plenty of armored hull - hull that nets you nothing when you hit it.

You cant do that on a compact, sleek design made for efficiency. A battleship in startrek isn't about being efficient. Its about being able to break things and take hits.

For the klinks, having a carrier makes some sense. you can dispose of all the mooks serving your empire by having them fly fighters and you get a sturdy battleship rolled into the carrier. Or at least thats how it should be. Why they would build a hugeass target dummy that doesn't do anything is beyond me.

Hes a radical suggestion:
Get rid of the current t5.

At t5, have the player pic a ship frame (from t3 and up) instead. The one he likes. and craves to continue flying.

Then have him pic an archetype (escort, cruiser, sci, battleship (feds) carrier(klinks))
The archetype will determine modifiers such as hull, shields, layout options and mobility related stuff
(note that archetypes are still frame dependant. an escort wont become a battleship)

Then after choosing the archetype, offer sublasses with different layouts. More sciency escort? Trade some tactical for something else? Same for all others.

Overall you'll have fas moving dps machines that are rather fragile, agile crusiers and science vessels doing support/brawling and the battleships/carriers, acting as trebuchets sporting heavy assault arrays/cannons/banks that do lots of damage but have a somewhat lower base accuracy and a lack of sustained dps because they feature a nifty charge up time and a cooldown.

"hey, that battleships beam arrays are lighting up.. better do something..."

Being held in a tractor beam or getting your engines shot up could have nasty consequences in such an environment....

And the Galaxy would make a fine battleship. simply because it fulfills all the requirements already. Its huge, lots of space to gear it up for the role and the warpcore should be damn well one the most powerfull ever on a fed starship if you apply the same warpcore technology thats used in their modern ships. which also is not unreasonable to assume. The envoy variant even more so, being the largest thing flying under fed flag.

Why am i always talking about the galaxy. because i like the thing and i'm damn disappointed its not a t5 ship.
However, my fixation on that does not make the overall idea of getting a fed battleship less viable.
The feds always had battleships at the ready as far as trek lore goes. Starfleet didn't parade them around, yes. But they have always been there.

BreakTheCutie applies.
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04-21-2010, 01:13 PM

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