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This starts out as a fact finding mission in the Hobus System and turns in a space battle, 2 part ground mission and yet another final space battle. I did this mission solo 2 nights ago and completed it. Informed to send Star Fleet all information gathered. Complete dialog is even in my Comm Records. HOWEVER upon exiting the Hobus System the ENTIRE thing reset! I spend OVER 1 hour doing that mission only to have it show up as not done yet! This is not the first time it has happened in STO or CO! Below is transcript from *cough* GM support:

" Went thru the whole GOSH DANG mission and even said to contact Starfleet. Exited system with even the redundant "Mission Complete are you sure you want to leave system?" message. Now out of system the FREAKIN' thing is back to square ONE! OVER AN HOUR >>>>WASTED<<<< !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now your telling me I have to start ALL OVER!!! BOGUS!


((Added this after reply you see below)You mean I have to do the whole mission ALL OVER AGAIN! You can't set a completed flag? You guys always could take care of this stuff when you were involved with City of Heroes! I suppose COH still sets the highest quality GM assistance in the world. At least I have NEVER gotten the response I seem to always get in CO and STO which is "Tough luck bud do it again". )

Thanks! We are currently looking into this issue. We have refiled your ticket as a bug report on your behalf. While we understand you would like us to be able to resolve your issue quickly, some issues require further development from departments outside our control and cannot be resolved by a GM. Please rest assured that our developers work to resolve all bugs as quickly as possible. To help us provide the highest quality service to our players, please use the "Report a Bug" button in the Help and Support menu, rather than "Request GM Help", when reporting possible bugs that may not require immediate intervention by a GM. This MMORPG is a living and evolving experience. As such, the Game will continue to change as we implement and polish new features, which are a key in the continuing development of a dynamic play environment. We appreciate your feedback and thank you for playing! "

Same old canned reply for MOST GM issues you submit so why bother?

Now I feel better. Tnx for letting me get this out of my system. Time to saddle up and go do it ALL OVER again or the story line will never continue. Today is a good day to die.

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