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Last night (half an hour in to Final Fantasy XIII ) my PS3 decided to die on me and took a few fuses out with it,
After changing the fuses and powering it up i noticed the dreaded yellow lights mocking me with its unsettle way of telling me your PS3 if ****ed and i quickly realized there was no way for me to my new 39.99 game out of it with out taking the console apart.

After a few moments of shaking my fists angrily at my broken console i went and garbed my screwdrivers and hammer. Following some online instructions i quickly got to work unscrewing the 1st screw and "pulling" the top cover off and i soon breathed in the answer to why my console had gone ka-blamo, the dust was full of asthmatic goodness. After half an hour of breathing threw my tshirt and alot of unscrewing i finally got to the blueray player where the golden disk lay, sony has obviously gone to great lengths to stop people from meddling with their design with the crazy small connectors and screws. I then spent another 20 minutes trying to avoid sony's super duper small cables traps that can easily be set off by pulling something to hard rendering the blueray player utterly useless.

After rescuing FF from its trap ridden prison i set off to see if the motherboard could be saved but by this time my eyes were redder then someone's at a bob marley concert, after unscrewing the last screw i slowly lifted up the fan/heatsink expecting to be shot in the face with darts or have a sony hamster to attack. The only place that could have same amount of dust i found would probably be the janeway's underware, looking closely at the CPU & GPU and i smiled foolishly thinking i could fix everything if i just replaced the heatsink paste that had vaporized/melted or been eaten by tribbles.

After spending an hour cleaning and putting everything back together i plug'd her in and slowly pressed the power button..............."BEEP...."ZUUUUM" "BEEP"BEEP" "clink"..........."silence" < heatshink....or lack of

The morale of the story? do drugs so you don't have money for games.
Lt. Commander
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03-13-2010, 06:59 AM
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