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# 1 More stealth, please!
03-01-2010, 09:22 AM

I have just 'done' the Ancient Cliams mission. I found the Kassea IV swaped in gorn. I used tatics to disable the shield generators without taking much damage and wasting little time fighting the gorn - since the scientist were my top priority. When I had disabled all three (after a few respawns due to the lack of cover, unable to sneak around and the silly amount of gorn) I gained access to the central complex to find the scientist dead. But wait I FOUND the scientist dead, why must I now defeat this gorn? The sciencetist are dead so why must the mission continue? What is this? Why must they be a Boss?
Serioulsy! This was a rescue not a bloody war! Combat situation - yes. But why cannot I simply have one of my officers say "Sorry jim, there nothing I can do! I'm a doctor not a mirical worker!" and simply beam out?
(okay mayby not say it like Dr McCoy out of the original serires but you get what I mean)

Last time I checked Starfleet transporters are immune to weapons fire - just watch Star trek it was proven time and time again.

And where the hell do I get my phase cloak? last time I checked Admiral Riker had equiped the USS Enterprise with another warp neacell (you know the warp thingy on the side of the side - and my ST spellings are awful I know) along with a phase cloak.

I expected this to combat orientated since this is an MMO and I had very LOW standards for this game in terms of ST.

All in all a good game and I hope the above is added eventually to give us trekkies some real combat and ST situations.

WTF a trader has just appeared saying he closing shop on my desktop and I wasn't even talking to the NPC? BUG REPORT! or "bug a la report - thats french for bug report!" - Sarge RVB
Lt. Commander
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# 2
03-13-2010, 04:35 PM
ok.. I found when I went back and defeated them i transported up and then my science officer said they are on the enermy ship. Since I didn't get the info from the commander I still don't see why I had to defeat the enemy commander.

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