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03-14-2010, 07:58 AM
Originally Posted by Gladius_Bonaparte
What you don't realize is that the community was told that they would be released first, within the first to second month of the game being released. Those players waited for that race to be released so they could experience the game, the full week it takes to get to RA5 sadly, as a Caitian. They, and I'll include myself in this, didn't want to go through the same repetative gameplay to RA5 twice. So people waited. A month isn't that long after all...until we were told they weren't even off the drawing board yet...after being told they would be the first released. The "make-or-break issue" isn't that we don't have them, it's that we were lied to, or misled if you want to give the benefit of the doubt to Cryptic, and that time was lost. A lie is just a lie until you are the one being lied to, then it becomes personal.

I could care less what other races they add. I say add as many as you want. One day I may want to play them and the more variety the better. I don't want to play with a ball of string. I want to take my Caitian and play STO with it as I was led to believe I would be doing soon, which is not going to be soon at all.
100% right and PS they DONT look like cat girls
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04-26-2010, 03:10 AM
Agreed theres already a few people that want to abuse anyone with a Caitain character in game. Some even admitted it on the forums.

As guy said above they have a sick sense of humour and use furry in a sexual way.

Does this then mean that if i made a Klingon or a Gorn that i want to (censored)

If so we might see a few reports to the devs comming up.

Even making a green creature type thing makes people hate you this is Trek so we should welcome all races and cultures

Why don't we just scrap all the Alien characters and all have boring human toons hey.
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04-26-2010, 03:31 AM
Originally Posted by Devilcat
I find the inclusion of Caitians.. interesting but for entirely different reasons than others in this thread. Basically they come from TAS in the 70s when sci-fi author Larry Niven got involved. And what Niven did is took his Known Space series of novels and short stories and folded them into the ST universe. He even took one of his more famous short stories "The Soft Weapon" and rewrote it for TAS with ST characters. If this is considered "canon" by the staff it could open up a huge amount of Niven related content such as the Man-Kzin Wars, Slavers, Pak Protectors, Puppeteers heck even Ringworld could make a apperance. Might make for a interesting expansion one day
Caitains (well a Caitain, i.e. M'Ress) was in several TAS episodes. They where introduced early in the series before the Slaver Weapon episode, which was mid-season. It involved the Kzinti (i.e. Niven's creation), but no Caitains. Soft canon states Caitian and Kzin share a common ancestor, just like Vulcan and Romulans do.

So while there is a link through soft canon, they are in themselves a hard canon race. Especially with them being in Star Trek IV.
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04-26-2010, 04:00 AM
Originally Posted by Dwapook View Post
yeaah.. I'm not that into the fandom, I do go to a convention each year with friends.. There is actually a lot of yiffy artwork there, but I still don't think it's right to judge everyone in the fandom as having some kind of sexual fetish for this stuff.

I mean think of it like someone being obsessed with Klingons or Vulcans.. They might dress up as one and/or create a vulcan/klingon persona for themselves.. Being a fan of a species isn't the same as being a fan of a show or character. There's a lot more daydreaming and roleplay involved.. Some people might take it somewhere sexual but it's not right to judge the whole fandom on that.

I'm goblin obsessed.. so I very much sympathize with the plight of the furries!!
Hopefully your goblin obsession is not the eww, yuck, creepy kind.

Heck, I've gone to Trek conventions where the amount of erotic Trek fanfic is insane, I cannot imagine a furry being as creepy as some of that stuff was...

I am not an Andorian, but I do play one in game, I just like Andorians, and some people just like Caitians

There is nothing wrong with someone wanting to play a Caitian, I'll bet a lot of people (like myself) watched The Animated Series every Saturday and enjoyed seeing all the aliens that we never had a chance to see in TOS due to budgeting. Nothing creepy or odd about wanting to play a race you liked as a child...

Don't stigmatize people just because you fear something you don't understand...

I know more creepy "normal people" than I do creepy furrys...
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04-26-2010, 04:49 AM
When I was on Second Life (there was a Star Trek community, before STO came up plus I liked building things and it was free) most Furries I met wasn't interested in "Yiffing" and just liked to be different or just liked the animal.
So I doubt Caitians will cause any of that.

But when they come ingame, I plan on getting a Caitian BO as I plan on recreating the crew I was planning to have for a Star Trek webcomic I never got round to doing (got character designs but thats all), also gonna have a Deltan as well.

Also for any Known Space material (eg. Kzinti) you might need to have permission from Larry Niven before they could be added, tho if it kinda advertises his books that might work lol
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04-26-2010, 04:54 AM
Originally Posted by IV4N_R4D3K
To the Op: Wow, I hate to say this, but you approached this subject with absolutely no intelligence and 100% blind prejudice, against the choices of other players in a manner befitting that of a poorly taught 3rd grader.

You, in this thread failed to account for the fact that the race in question is canon to Star Trek, while rare, are apart of the series. Secondly they are in demand by a lot of players, who are also paying Cryptic subscriptions.

You could of course be mature about this and go about the game without caring, and realize that any addition pertinent to Star Trek (especially as far as races go) only adds to the diversity and brings out the color of this universe.

Or you can scream cliche after cliche trying to find some moral high ground when you are just clamoring at the bottom of the barrel.
Thats what i was gonna say....beat me to it....

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