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# 1 Some PvP ideas
03-14-2010, 07:42 AM
Trying to be more helpful today, let's see how it goes.

I think almost eveyone would appreciate a real PvP area, one where hundreds of players (okay, we'd take dozens) of all tiers can go and fight a "fleet" sized PvP. It's all well and good for T5 players to fight each other, but it isn't realistic for those big ships to go without smaller escorts. There doesn't even have to be a rewards system, players would just do it for entertainment. (Can however be used to satisfy the kill X or die Y times missions.) But, there needs to be a gatekeeper of some kind. This can't be allowed to get altogehter lop sided. A mechanism needs to be in place to ensure no worse than 2:1 in favor of either side at start and only allow 1 for 1 replacement of players that leave.

Same for a ground battle area. I forget the Fed mission, but there is one with a series of bridges, that would be a good map. With a little tweaking maybe a couple of alternate paths to attack/defend. Have both sides spawn on opposite ends and fight for control of the map. Throw in some automated defenses (turrets, medical fields, etc) close to each spawn point to make it hard to spawn camp. Let it run on a timer, maybe 20 minutes. No rewards for the contest itself except bragging rights but applies toward the "kill x number of enemy Captains" or "die y number of times" missions. No tier restrictions. Great FUN.

Klingons would, IMO, love to be able to conduct Bat'leth tournaments, so give us an arena where we can hold 1 on 1 fights. Include a viewing area and allow fans to cheer/jeer. If this works out well the next step is a "last Klingon standing" arena where groups of up to 40 come in and fight until there is just one left. Those who die respawn in a viweing area, which they can leave at any time. (Both of these are straight out of *********, we're not reinventing the wheel.) Klingons need something special to draw players so make these Klingon only, because "Star Fleet" would never play this rough outside of a holodeck (with safties enabled).

All the above are great for Fleets/Houses to organize. It will give them more purpose.

So, waddaya think?
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# 2
03-14-2010, 07:58 AM
I really like your idea for a Bat'leth Arena for Klingons.
Sounds like alot of fun.
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# 3
03-14-2010, 08:21 AM
One more suggestion.

How about some zero-G space suited "ground" action? All those disabled space ships have breathable atmosphere and gravity? I think not. Or maybe it's a shot up base on an airless asteroid with 1/100th G gravity. This calls for some specialized zero-G weapons and equipment, maybe some zero-G combat skills.

Let's use some imagination. Space is an awefully large place, let's not waste it thinking inside the box.

Name one MMO with zero-G ground combat. STO could be the first!
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# 4
03-14-2010, 08:25 AM
Originally Posted by STObee
Name one MMO with zero-G ground combat. STO could be the first!
WoW had a few encounters with zero-G ground combat. Specifically, Tempest Keep 25-player, Magister's Terrace 5-player, and possibly Sunwell Plateau 25-player (I don't remember SWP as I've only been there a few times).

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