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Hello everyone,

I'm just wondering, are the only missions with stories (besides pvp and exploration/enemy contact missions) available through hailing starfleet, or do I have to go find and meet new contacts to get new story line type missions?

If that is the case.. where the best place to look and find new contacts? There doesn't seem to be anything clear in the game that would point to those locations...

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03-14-2010, 09:11 PM
As you progress through your regular missions they should send you on to speak to someone in another starbase.

But after a few levels you should be able to use the com badge to talk to starfleet and they will give you missions that way.

What I usually do when I first log in is to go through the combadge contacts to make sure no new missions have turned up since the day before, although hardly likely, but handy to do as I will notice new ones as I go through my levels. The other option is to check once the next time you log in and then each time you level or complete a long mission as that may have opened up some more missions.

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