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# 1 Projectile Weapon Types
02-11-2010, 01:27 PM
I'm trying to pick which weapon types to use in this game. With each of the beam weapons the dps comes out the same + unique advantages to each energy type, usually on a 2.5% proc chance.

With projectiles, however, it seems... all backwards. Plasma, Chroniton, and Tricobalt are the only weapons with procs. In addition to this, photon seems to be the best, hands down.

As you move down the list, you'll notice that both your cool down time increases with each weapon type, but also your damage decreases. Meaning less burst, less DPS, and lest up time to take advantage of an opening in the targets shields.

Even when there is a proc, such as with Plasma, that could even out the damage (but not the DPS given the cool down) it's only a 33% chance to average out.

NOW add that the skills to buff these weapon types increase in cost as you move down the list, but apparently do not change with regards to strength.

Did... STO mean to do this? Because as it stands there's no reason to ever use any weapon other than Photon or perhaps Chroniton... (Plasma could be useful in Mines against Klingon on PvP I suppose.)
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# 2
03-14-2010, 08:39 AM
my guess is, is that they did delibertly do this. look at their abilities. Photon is straight Kenetic damage that has a chance to damage crew, that's it. Quantum deals more damage at the cost of recharge. Plasma is average damage with a chance to dot, Chron is average damage, long recharge, but slows a ship down (which can be a tide turner depending on what your fighting) and then there's the trico which is just basically a burst damage IF it lands successfully. pretty much all of them are designed so that their special abilities play to a balance on the offset of recharge and damage. phasers aren't quite so bad because all of them have a fairly good amount of abilities that balance each other out. but with torps and mines which are suppose to be *aside from cannons of course* the main damage dealing abilities of most ships, they had to balance it off with the abilities that can potentially turn the tide somewhat.
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# 3
03-14-2010, 12:11 PM
Like Kristi said, the different Torps have different advantages.

I for example use quantum torps, even though the DPS is lower than on photons, because I PvP often and I need burst damage. Quantums do more damage, this multiplies with the high yield skills, and fly way faster. They are way more effective if you want to exploit a temporary weak opponent (short times without shields). Having a photon torp ready every few seconds isn't that useful, because if they just hit shields they are useless.

Tricobalt are quantums squared. You only have them every minute, they fly damn slow and are shotable, but if you are able to time them right with your abilities or attacks you can onehitkill an enemy.

Just let them fit your playstyle. Torpedos are not meant to be steadily shot whenever they are ready, they are meant to be fired at moments where it really hurts or their special effects really matter. If you want steady DPS take an additional beam/cannon/turret.

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