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# 1 A few bugs
03-14-2010, 03:49 PM
After reading threads for a while It seems that forum posts alongside in-game bug reprts are the most helpful way to find bugs for the DEVS, so here are a few i have found recently:

1) Duplicate Borg BO
Today, while checking out the C-store, i was able to purchase a second borg BO. I have only had one character on my account and i acquired my original BO as soon as she was available at launch. The option in the c-stor is not greyed out still, so i imagine i could continue purchasing this officer repeatedly for my character. Ticket number: 744664

2)Medical addiction
My purple engineering candidate will constantly lay medical generators as soon as the cooldown finishes. He does this without fail, on every mission. Setting him to passive and agressive will both cause this. From the moment the mission starts until i beam out he will lay generators. ticket:716822

3) No list of admiral powers
When i reached admiral 3 i saw the usual text stating that i had received a new space power and should check in my powers list to see what it was. No indication was anywhere in game. I have since learned from the forums that this is likely to be "fleet support" but confirmation on what this power is/does would be useful. Ticket: 700005

4) high yield torpedoes bug
Very occasionally when i use this power it will trigger the cooldown but freeze up my torpedo launchers, so i cannot fire and end up wasting valuable time in a battle. This happens both with and without other powers being in effect and usually only affects my torps. However a very rare occurance is that i also lose my beams too for a long time, all other non-dps/direct damage abilities work as normal during these occasions: ticket 689170

I hope this brief list helps squash some bugs. Let me know if my understanding regarding reports combined with threads is wrong

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