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# 1 RA5 LF an end game fleet
03-14-2010, 03:47 PM
So many fleets out there was hoping someone would help me find one that best fits me. Enginner/ Assault cruiser

What I'm looking for is-
Mature Fleet (in my 30's )
Mostly end game PVE content (teamwork)
Not an RPer
PvP-ehh, sometimes
Communication- vent or TS
US-EST (want people on when I'm on)

What i can bring-
Veteran MMO player (SWG,CoX,WOW,CO)
Always willing to learn and adapt
Smart player

Any questions you can contact me in-game @icebluz
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# 2
03-14-2010, 04:24 PM
Hi Icebluz,

The Sentinels are a multi-gaming community with an average age of 30+ and no drama!

We have an active membership in several different MMO's and are building our Starfleet Division here in STO. At this point we have about 50 to 60 active members in our fleet and are steadily growing, this includes Rear Admirals and lower characters, alike. The overall guild has over 500 active members and we also maintain our own guild Ventrilo server (although you don't have to use it, we do have some good discussions and lively chat on there). We look for quality over quantity, and have a very thorough application process. Its our goal to make sure you are as happy with us as we will be with you.

Our retention rate is very high as we promote more of a gaming community then a single game guild.

Feel free to check out our recruitment thread at or just follow the links in my signature to learn more about us.
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# 3
03-14-2010, 04:36 PM
We are a guild of old SWG players (Sinistar). We do light pvp, but mostly group pve. If you are interested, here is our info:

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