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Twice today I was disconnected from the server during a PvP match. Nothing untoward happened on my end, and I got no real error message. All I got was a message in red saying: "You have been disconnected from the server. Click the Support button for more help" at the log in screen. I was able to log in immediately afterwards.

Not only was there no apparent reason, noticeable or given, but I was also unable to get back in to the same PvP match upon logging in. Previously, I have been able to log out normally while in a PvP match, and log back in, and be in the same match. If I am disconnected for some non-purposeful reason, I ought to be able to get back in to the match, the same way I do when I log out and back in willfully.

This has never happened in many many PvP matches before now. I filed a ticket, # 747,170.

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