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03-16-2010, 08:24 AM
I'll just stop playing Klingon.

KvK matches are retarded. Nobody wants to fly around an empty map for an hour waiting for the first hapless ship to decloak.
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# 22
03-16-2010, 08:33 AM
Originally Posted by Kheldor9
I haven't checked on Tribble yet, but *IF* FvF has xp and medals rewards like 'normal' pvp, it will kill off Klingons altogether, because the Feds are obsessed with "the cloak". I think FvF should NOT have xp or medals, let it truly be what they are calling it, which is a "simulation". With no xp or medals, Feds will still be motivated to fight Klingons, otherwise, they won't be.

PvP right now is hurting awfully bad, and if Cryptic doesn't get smart and fix the queues, add more maps and more pvp types (Open PvP to take and hold systems where the entire sector is fought over consensually) then the Klingons will be killed off, and I won't have a reason to play. There is no where near enough pve content for the Feds to be really enjoyable after 1-2 characters, and I enjoy my Klingons because I genuinely like the species from the various series...so, Klingons go to hell, and I'll go to a new game.
I wouldn't mind seeing the rewards gone from KvK as well... as soon as some PvE story is added to Klingons.

Realistically KvK is there because federation players don't PvP enough in tier 1 for Klingons to level up otherwise.

Personally I'd probably just focus on my Federation toons, though I'm not sure I'd want to PvP against my own faction. As a "sometimes" thing where you organize to play against someone in particular, FvF sounds fun. But I like playing both sides, and I like that they aren't identical.

Then again, if I'm not PvPing, previous experience is that I'll PvE for a month or two then stop playing.

There is no way on earth I'll do KvK PvP -- *everyone* having cloak makes that the most boring and insipid thing I've ever seen in an MMO. If I can't PvP on my Klingon I just won't play my Klingon.
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# 23
03-16-2010, 08:36 AM
I think a lot of people are waiting to roll Klinks after Update 1, I know I was but got tired of waiting and rolled one now (Up to Commander 1 atm). I still play my Fed though, but right now I am focused on levelling my Klink. I will continue to go back and forth after the update, Klingons just provide a different kind of gameplay with the cloak and all. I can only hope that others will jump to the Red side after the update as I had intended to do.

Klingon space is pretty low pop compared to Fed land...
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# 24
03-16-2010, 08:43 AM
The collapse of the klingons side may actually be what we need to get proper, open pvp brought into the game. Currently, things are very bad, but for some reason, that fact gets ignored.

Once it becomes totally impossible to play a klingon, then perhaps we will get some changes.
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# 25
03-16-2010, 11:17 AM
By "open" PvP I assume you mean players from each side can attack players from the other side, not that any player can attack any other player, regardless of faction.

The population collapse in the Klingon faction (and we were never going to equal Federation faction numbers) will also doom any open PvP unless a quota system is instituted. Due to the disparity in populations allowing as many Fed and Klingon players into an open PvP instance (up to the instance population limit) as want to enter will, most of the time, result in Klingons being greatly outnumbered. 10 or 20 to 1 outnumbered. In other words, a giant gankfest.

So, a filter must be added, or we will see the same problem (only worse) as exists in the current PvP queues.

The Klingon faction needs some unique attractions to entice players into adopting the way of the warrior. By unique I don't mean PvP only, but some of these could be PvP related.

Giv ethe "PvP centric faction" some unique PvP - Bat'leth tournaments for example.

Give PvP equal rewards for time spent in game to PvE for time spent.

Give the PvP faction some real PvE. Klingons do not live on bread alone.

Give the PvP faction some equity in character/ship customization. (Went the reverse with Update 1.)

But as I've said elsewhere, there is only 1 real faction that matters in Federation Online, and it isn't the Klingons.
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# 26
03-16-2010, 07:27 PM
I'll just do KvK... I don't think it'll kill the queues. KvK didn't kill it so FvF won't.
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# 27
03-16-2010, 10:42 PM
PVE story? Keep dreaming. They can't fix a vendor on Ganalda and all they did was re brand a bunch of fed PVE for us in the big patch where we were supposed to get much love.

We got very little.
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# 28
03-17-2010, 12:27 AM
Originally Posted by drcereal View Post
Cryptic is likely to be introducing FvF into the game soon (it's currently on the test server). Let's suppose, for a second, that as a consequence the KvF queues dry up, making it even more dificult to level/advance your Klingon character. What would you do then?

1) Nothing. Rely on KvK and Nebula missions.
2) "Re-roll" Federation (or simply stop playing your Klingon toon in favour of your Federation one).
3) Quit the game for good.
4) "Take a break" from the game until some favourable solution is implemented; i.e. Klingon PvE, more/better Klingon PvP.
5) None of the above (please do explain).

Please, this thread is not for arguing whether FvF will or will not affect the KDF. If you really want to tell me how wrong I am you can do so here:

What I'd like to do here is find out what people will do if the worse happens and FvF makes playing Klingon that much harder.
Be bored and go play some Xbox. seriously, I joined to play Klingons, not the hypocritical Federation. I was both shocked and dissapointed at how Cryptic just kinda Half @$$ed the klingons with no viable way to level up OTHER than pvp. Them throwing in FvF imo show just how much they actually think of the klingon faction.

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