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This has happened in all my ships so it isn't "ship specific". Here is the scenario.

I am going full impulse towards an opponent. He is going full impulse towards me.
I would meet them, in let's say 3 seconds. I could

1) go right past him, and it would take a sec for the opponent to turn and come after me, but I could be 10K away by that point and about to turn around.

2) instead I slow down (quarter impulse) and and fight on him from behind and he fire on my behind.

Now, at one point, I decide to get far enough away from him that I could turn around and fight him straight on.
So, I take the exact opposite direction my opponent is taking and hit full impulse. I hit "Maximum" impulse


I am 3 feet away from him and moving away incredibly slow. I hit EVASIVE ACTION to get away from him even faster (because my behind it pointing towards him and my shields are down, the same behind that he has been pounding for a while) and I am moving away a little faster, but it has been 10 seconds now and I am not 2K away from him. He has completely turned around and is not exactly catching up to me, but has fen shui my back bumper for the past 5 seconds.
He isn't using a tractor beam. How am I not at least 8k away from him?

It seems that if I slow down and fight, I can't speed up and fly away from him (going the opposite direction) using everything I have at half the time let alone 25 percent of the time (because HE isn't going Full IMPULSE away from me to turn around) I would have if we just sped past each other in the initial fight..
I have noticed this discreptancy since beta and didn't want to mention it because I knew it would be hard to explain.

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