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How about instead of the current ONE warzone we have, how about adding one that would be about the size of one of the starclusters, make it totally empty of NPC enemies, and make it a level-adjusted( like LT. 1-10...etc.) open PvP instance for as many players as it will stably hold ? Maybe even make a solar system out of it with a very large planetary map for us to beam down onto as open ground PvP ? And while you are at it make the dueling areas on Andoria where Starfleet officers can duel each other and add a Klngon equivelant? And you know everyone loves a good game of capture the flag so let's add that somewhere too. It's time to make this stuff more fun for everyone and imho i would bet that a lot of folks would welcome this kind of PvP...also it would be nice if when we meet an enemy ship in sector space we could at least offer a chance to fight one on one.

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