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# 1 Crash city
03-14-2010, 06:35 AM
I know STO has had it's share of bugs and Cyptic has been stomping them out but I am stuck with a bug that only gets worse, crashes.

During the start of beta it crashed after about 5 minutes. Later beta cured this unless I was on the ground. However for the last two weeks it seems the crashes are back in force. It now crashes within 1 to 2 secs after I log in (about when it finishes loading) and this is a show stopped for me. I had hoped it was just a patch bug that was going to be fixed

This latest crash issue seems to be a decompression error. I dropped all graphic settings and it now and then will let me on for a few minutes before it crashes again with the same error (it happens just after I transfer to another zone).

My computer far exceeds the recomended requirments.

The one thing I have not tried is reinstalling the game so I will do that today.
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03-15-2010, 07:03 PM
I just checked on this, and the "could not decompress" error is a result of a corrupted file, not a game bug. Try force verifying through the launcher Options. If that does not fix it, deleting the .hogg file mentioned in the error message should.

If you keep getting this same crash, it is likely a hardware failure of some sort. I would recommend posting in the PC & Technical Support forums for help with that.
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03-16-2010, 03:01 AM
Another suggestion, if I may throw in here. I worked a few years in Tech support for an ISP and more than a few times it was the consumers PC that was having problems and not our network. Late last year the very week that i got into closed beta for STO my PC started having graphical issues, weird crashes, and finally whenever i attempted to run even a screensaver with a 3d output the pc bluescreened. Well being the "smart nerd" that I am / I reinstalled everything from scratch. This didn't help at all. So i opened my PC case and lo and behold, i had been neglecting to dust. A layer had built up between the fan on the video card and the heatsink and the card had overheated. I dusted everything and still no 3d joy. I bought a newer card and ahhhhh STO gaming goodness . Upon taking the heatsink off of the old card ONE little diode or minichip type thing had melted . My point is that you may want to take a look inside your case and make sure overheating is not an issue..because even with the newer card I notice that the temp spikes a lot on the ground missions. And even the "smartest" of us can neglect our PC cleaning.

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