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03-16-2010, 02:54 PM
More help is needed to test on tribble so come on over.

Yes there is a bunch of unsubstantiated feedback about cloaking and the BOP and the carrier. Mostly from people that refuse to learn to play, refuse to post their builds so we can point out why they do not do very well in pvp etc.

A number of post from Feds have pretty much blown holes in many of the other Feds preposterous ramblings.

There have been many good points brought up.

The feds are getting a carrier down the road so why would they mess with ours?

Come to IRC and chat directly with the Devs. They are not stupid. They are very aware that many players have very little understanding of the game and skills etc.
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03-16-2010, 04:36 PM
I grew tired of arguing against ****** players. If the devs are stupid enough to listen, they'll screw this game up in other ways anyhow.
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03-16-2010, 07:29 PM
Originally Posted by Staran View Post
I hate always winning in pvp even teams.
I don't know why I can kill 2 feds at the same time (as long as I am not stun-locked) in ground.
I don't know why I can completely ignore feds in space and still win.

That is Cryptics problem to balance it out.
Sure, Klingons should be better ground warriors IN THE TV SHOW, but it isn't fair in game.
People like you are the reason theres any problem at all. You say you can kill 2 feds at the same time on the ground, you do realize that on the ground, you have exactly the same equipment, stats, everything, as the Federation players, and in fact worse, due to the lack of access to episodic content rewards? Your abilities are exactly the same as any Federation player's of the same class, and they get better weapons. Its *impossible* that you could have any advantage over them on the ground. The only difference between you and they is aesthetic.

You are perpetuating a myth at best, and outright lying at worst.
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03-16-2010, 10:57 PM
I really dont get it, cloak and battle cloak are not really a problem, the problem stems from the over abundance of way awesome skills Science has to offer, the other two pale compared to what science can do. I swear who ever made this game must have had a hard on for all these science abilities. SNB+VM is only ONE thing that science can do, granted its the OP flavor of the week but still.

easy way to fix this is

1) Totally get rid of Pulse Feedback as a skill, there is no reason beams should be the only weapon that cant be used in PvP, instead keep it as a 'proc' on a science ship or on any ship piloted by a Science captain, and even then have it only trigger like one pulse every few fires.

2) remove those tractor skills and put them into engineering, make tractor beam itself a universal skill on all ships, i cant think of many ships that fly around without the use of this important tool.

3) Keep SNB as it is but make the ship immune to VM or any form of 'hold' that isnt a tractor beam.

4) after being hit with VM, make the target immune to it for a duration of 30 seconds. If the target uses Science team to get rid of it this still applies.

The problem is mostly, if you have uni slots your GOING to have one tac officer and the rest is going to be Science officers. Instead of nerfing the klingon ships (which isnt the problem) its the skill set of SCIENCE that should be looked at.
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03-16-2010, 11:22 PM
LOL, so are there KDF players who are still upset with me for calling the Cryptic devs the *******s that they really are?

So instead of making the KDF faction better, I already see them listening to the Feds (again) to nerf an already near-dead faction into oblivion.

The d*mbasses at Cryptic don't seem to f*cking realize that there are TWO factions in this game, by their "supposed" design and whether they actually like it or not.

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