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# 1 A few questions on development
03-16-2010, 01:32 AM
Amidst the changes, development and additions that have been and are due to come, there have been a few small issues that I was wondering if they got any attention. I can understand concentrating on the big ticket items (crafting, content, bugs etc) but I was wondering if a Developer could shed any light on these 5 topics, or if anyone else knew of a thread which gave an answer (I've looked, but could have missed them)?

1) Loading screen info - Each loading screen has a little nugget of storyline/info at the bottom. Not going to bemoan a fast loading screen, but it does mean I can't get to read it often. Any chance of beign able to read these at my leisure someplace else? Maybe a codex of them somewhere in game?

2) Fleet bases - Seen people ask for them, but not sure if they're on the radar at the moment? Would be nice to build somewhere for the fleet to call home, play some dabo, tell tales and order exotic sounding drinks

3) Subscription status - I've seen a developer mention the possibility of adding a 'last played on' date to a players information, which would be really handy when looking through a fleet page to see who's active or not, but a little (A) active, (C) cancelled or (L) lifetime on their status too would be useful? Just to see if someone is likely to be back.

4) Info from fleet screen - It doesn't work. Everytime I right click and select 'info' from a player's name on the fleet screen I get a box saying something about invalid entity name.

5) Exploration Data Samples - Do they always have to be Tier 1? The 3rd and 5th rooms of any base, the 2 data samples on ground missions... do they always have to be Mineral Samples, Radiation Samples or... the other one? A little variation is a wonderful thing

These are just some of the small ticket items, the little details and so I understand if they don't get the same attention as the major requests, but a little information would be nice, even if it's just 'Sorry, not on our radar at the moment' or 'It's planned, but no timeframe'.


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