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One of the few things worth doing for me in end game at this time is the Borg Hunt space war zone encounter at the Ker'rat System, Donatu Sector, Eta Eridani Sector Blocik. However, my enjoyment of that encounter is considerably marred by the bugs which plague the instance. These bugs have existed since open beta and have yet to be corrected. Note that I am writing from the perspective of a Federation player.

Bug One - Borg getting stuck in the structures.

This is perhaps the worst of the bugs and makes the encounter almost unplayable at times. The Borg Probes, Spheres, and even Cubes very frequently get caught in the various structures in the mission. When this happens. they can still target players and fire upon players. Players can usually target the stuck Borg, but cannot fire upon them. In some instances we can fire, but they take no damage. Once they get caught in a structure they stay there until the next server downtime causing a server reset. As we see fewer downtimes occurring these days this means that more and more Borg become stuck. Almost every one of the Encrypted Node structures will end up with a Borg stuck in them, and many will have multiple Borg stuck in them. Since you also have it set up so that a node cannot be scanned when under fire, and the stuck Borg are able to fire upon us and we have no way to eliminate them, It becomes very, very difficult to scan the Encrypted Nodes for the first objective of the mission. The Encrypted Nodes are the structures most susceptible to having Borg caught in them, however I have also seen Borg stuck in a similar fashion in the Repair Hubs.

In the case of the Repair Hubs I cannot tell you how the Borg become entangled. However, I may be able to shed some light on at least one method by which the Borg are caught in the Encrypted Nodes. I once observed as a Borg Probe got caught in an Encrypted Node, and I myself got tangled in one in the same manner. It appears that the beams of light which extend above and below the encrypted nodes are open-ended tubes. I observed a Probe flying across the top of one of those beams of light enter it and descend down through the tube until it appeared in the box-like structure that comprises the main body of the Encrypted Node. There it remained. On one occasion as I myself was flying across the top of one of these beams of light my ship entered in the same manner and began to slide down the tube. I was able to stop my descent and exit by the same way I entered before I entered the body of the node. I don't know if this is the only way Borg are entering these structures. I suspect it is not the only means. It is, however, the only means I have observed and am able to relate.

Correction of this one problem, preventing the Borg from becoming invulnerable captives of the structures, would go a very long way to making this encounter much more enjoyable.

Bug Two - Repair Hubs

When a Repair Hub is destroyed at present, it just sits there. It does not explode. A relatively long period later it will disappear (relatively long in the context of an area swarming with enemies). Sometimes when the destroyed Repari Hub finally fades away it will leave a loot container behind. However, by the time this has taken place, the individual to whom the loot belongs has usually had to move on or has been destroyed by the incredibly fast-apawning and numerous Borg. The empty space where the Repair Hub sat, with or without a loot container present, will in a short time be replaced by a respawning Repair Hub, at which point the loot is unrecoverable. It seems likely that it was intended that the Repair Hub should explode upon destruction leaving behind loot when appropriate. It is terribly annoying to have moved away from one of those and look back to see a loot container belonging to you only to have it covered by a respawning Repair Hub before you are able to get back in range to loot the container. It is also very annoyting to be heading to a Repair Hub to destroy it when working toward that objective in the mission only to find it is not actually there as it has already been destroyed, but the structure has not yet faded away. Having the Repair Hubs explode or disappear or whatever you had in mind immediately upon destruction would be good.

Bug Three - Changing Teams

Sometimes in the Borg Hunt a Fed player gets flagged as a Klingon. Now, this in itself I don't mind if the Klingon team is short and it is done to balance the sides. I don't think that is what is happening, though. If it is not intentionally being done for balance, it needs to be corrected. If it is intentionally done for balance, then you need to stop having the Fed spawn with the other Feds, who are now enemies, and have him spawn with the other Klingon-flagged players. It is a bummer to spawn as the lone enemy Fed in the middle of all the other Feds and get blown up before you can move an inch.

I have had this change of team happen to me many times. I cannot say I have figured out what causes it. It often happens to me when I leave to join a pvp match when I am called by the queue, and then return to the Borg Hunt after the pvp match ends. When I return to the Borg Hunt I am often on the Klingon team. Sometimes it just happens when the instance resets and a new Borg Hunt begins without me having done a thing that could have caused it as far as I can tell. When this does occur, I can leave the instance and return again from sector space and I will still be one of the bad guys. The only way I have found to correct it is to log out and log back in again.

Bug Four - Moving from level 45 instance to level one instance.

If you are in the level 45 Borg Hunt and you try to change instances it will put you in a level one version of the Borg Hunt. Sometimes this is a good thing if there are so many Borg stuck in the structures in the level 45 instance that you cannot get the mission accomplished. Some players have been using this plus the team-changing bug to enable them to do some fed vs fed pvp. I just feel sorry for the low level gusy in there trying to do their level one instance which is challenging enough for them with all the Borg around, who are also having to deal with being blown up by some Klingon-flagged Fed in his level 45 ship who is doing it as a lark, not to mention the Klingons that may be in there as well.

In conclusion let me summarize by saying the Borg Hunt is FUBAR and needs to be fixed. It is one of the few things the casual player can do at end game, and it is not as fun as it should and could be if it were working properly. Given the fact that the worst problem, the Borg stuck in the structures, becomes more and more severe with the lengthening of periods between server maintenance, it is high time the problems with this encounter were addressed and corrected. Indeed, it is long overdue. This stuff has been allowed to go on since this encounter was first introduced during open beta. Please give it the attention needed to correct these issues soon.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
# 2
03-16-2010, 09:51 AM
Signed. Those borg stuck in the structures are extremely annoying an need to be fixed. I haven't see the FvF lvl 1 bug, but I have run across the fed labeled as a klink.

Heck I didn't even know the repair hubs dropped loot! lol

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