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Hello! I just reinstalled my operating system (Windows Vista 64 bit) and have been updating drivers.

I have:

Mobile Intel (R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family

Direct X 10

I'm running into a weird issue. My graphics are (on the whole) better (with less lag) than they were before. I can run at full settings without lag or rubberbanding now. However, the images look to have less contrast and objects have pixel-y edges on the highest settings, something that used to disappear.

What is odd is that portrait previews look like what I'm used to seeing on the highest settings but in-game screenshots just seem to look... lower res, no matter what I set the resolution to.

Now why would I want higher quality images with a choppier frame rate?

One reason. Machinima. I want to force the higher rez rendering process and use the demoplay screenshot dump command to create high quality videos.

This is a screenshot of what my video looks like now:

Note the blocky edges that objects have.

Now, here's a video from before the windows reinstall:

Note the crisp shapes. I could never render that in realtime on my laptop (it would have been choppy) but I was able to get that by dumping screenshots out one at a time with the demoplay dump command. I want to be able to get images that smooth-looking again even at a bad framerate.
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03-16-2010, 10:57 AM
BTW, here's my config file:

Prefentry GfxSettings.CharacterDetailLevel 1

Prefentry GfxSettings.ScreenHeight 800

Prefentry GfxSettings.ScreenWidth 1280

Prefentry SystemSpecs.Aticrossfiregpucount 0

Prefentry SystemSpecs.Audiodrivername

Prefentry SystemSpecs.Audiodriveroutput

Prefentry SystemSpecs.Audiodriverversion

Prefentry SystemSpecs.Audiox64checkskipped 0

Prefentry SystemSpecs.Computername PATRICK-PC

Prefentry SystemSpecs.Cpucachesize 1114112

Prefentry SystemSpecs.Cpuidentifier "Intel64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13, GenuineIntel"

Prefentry SystemSpecs.Cpuspeed 2.161e+009

Prefentry SystemSpecs.Diskfree 244914962432

Prefentry SystemSpecs.Disktotal 309058334720

Prefentry SystemSpecs.Hassse 1

Prefentry SystemSpecs.Hassse2 1

Prefentry SystemSpecs.Isrunningnortonav 0

Prefentry SystemSpecs.Isusingd3ddebug 0

Prefentry SystemSpecs.Isvista 1

Prefentry SystemSpecs.Iswine 0

Prefentry SystemSpecs.Isx64 1

Prefentry SystemSpecs.Material_Hardware_Supported_Features

Prefentry SystemSpecs.Material_Supported_Features "SM20| SM20_PLUS| SM30| SM30_PLUS| SM30_HYPER"

Prefentry SystemSpecs.Nummonitors 1

Prefentry SystemSpecs.Numrealcpus 2

Prefentry SystemSpecs.Numvirtualcpus 2

Prefentry SystemSpecs.Nvidiasligpucount 0

Prefentry SystemSpecs.Osver0_Lowversion 0

Prefentry SystemSpecs.Osver1_Highversion 6

Prefentry SystemSpecs.Osver2_Build 6001

Prefentry SystemSpecs.Osver3_Servicepackmajor 1

Prefentry SystemSpecs.Osver4_Servicepackminor 0

Prefentry SystemSpecs.Osver5_Hostversion 6.0.6001.18000

Prefentry SystemSpecs.Physicalmemoryavailable 2491625472

Prefentry SystemSpecs.Physicalmemorymax 4152283136

Prefentry SystemSpecs.Ramspeedgbs 0.984839

Prefentry SystemSpecs.RenderingHacks REHA_NONE

Prefentry SystemSpecs.Svnbuildnumber 93055

Prefentry SystemSpecs.Trivia

Prefentry SystemSpecs.Videocarddeviceid 10818

Prefentry SystemSpecs.Videocardname "Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family"

Prefentry SystemSpecs.Videocardvendorid 32902

Prefentry SystemSpecs.Videodriverversion

Prefentry SystemSpecs.Videomemory 128

Prefentry SystemSpecs.Videoolddriver 0

Prefentry SystemSpecs.Virtualaddressspace 2147418134

Prefentry SystemSpecs.Wineversion
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# 3
03-16-2010, 11:01 AM
Okay. Glancing at the screenshots, I notice that they are only 512 x 384.

That seems to be the problem. How can I force higher resolution?
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03-18-2010, 03:52 PM
Are you running in full screen? Try changing the game to be windowed before you run save a demo record. You can do this by adding "-windowed" to the command line, just like where you add "-demo_movie_save".

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