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Looking to put more fun into Star Trek Online and have a group of mature and friendly people to hang around and chat with?

Well... you found a fleet that'll no doubt fit that bill!

The Stormhaven Fleet has existed since 1999, and has traversed several games and eras since. The core group of the fleet has played together over several games and we constantly get reinforced with new people that join us as we go, as people in the fleet tend to form strong bonds of friendship that often last years.

Stormhaven has one rule of entry, and that is that you have to be mature and friendly. Unfortunately experience has taught us that to even have a chance of reassuring this we're forced to have an age requirement. To join us, you need to be at least 18 years old. However, as most players in the fleet are between the ages of 25 and 45 players below 18 would typically get bored fairly fast.

To us, it doesn't matter if you're a casual or hardcore player, as we're not looking to invite a playstyle but rather the player. We have players who will play for most of the day, just as we have players who can only play for an hour at a time. All of them are welcome.

We are now actively recruiting people who desire to be part of a mature, casual, teamspeak fleet. We are mainly based in North America, but also have members from Europe. Australians and kiwis are of course also welcome!

Here are the qualities we seek of new applicants:

•Players who have a good sence of humor who are easy going with positive personalities, who are patient and considerate of others. (drama chaos junkies need not bother applying)

•Players who are mature (18 or older only please), have a sense of both humor and common sense, and uphold our fleet's honor and reputation.

•Players willing to participate in groups, raids and other fleet events, albeit not necessarily a formal requirement.

•Players willing to use Teamspeak 3 as their main form of fleet communication. We are a voice chat fleet, and therefore Teamspeak is not optional, it is required.

It is so much easier to organize groups and cummunicate via voice chat! If you have never used it... you are in for an awakening of a new gaming experience!

If Stormhaven sounds like a fleet you're interested in becoming a part of please head on over to our guild website; , check us out and submit an application on our forums.

You can also get a hold of any of our leaders/officers in-game and chat with us,

See you in-game!

The Stormhaven Leadership

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