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03-17-2010, 06:15 PM
Guild Charter
An adult Raiding fleet that includes low levels, and helps them level up (Raid being any 5 man instance or larger). We look to better everyone's game experience, including those not in our guild. Our Ventrilo server is open for any guild member to use and invite other people in, whether it be to just chat or to do missions/PvP, it doesn't matter. We just want to have fun playing our game without hideous guild rules ruining our fun.
Raiding being our primary purpose, there will be raids scheduled on the website. Members, that wish to raid, will have to sign up for scheduled raids before the day of the raid and will be required to show up if they sign up.
On a different note, we want this guild to be a friendly/fun guild for everyone. That includes low levels, We (the guild leader and officers) will do everything possible to meet the needs of anyone in the guild. If your a low level and think that you would like to team up with people and do missions or raids as u level or when u hit level cap then that's what our guild is about.

Membership Guidelines and Bylaws:

A guild is a like-minded group of players coming together for the purpose of having a good time. For some, that good time is only achieved by mastery of the game and the domination of other players as well as the environment. Others are just looking for the modern equivalent of the corner bar. But the point is ultimately to enjoy yourself, and help the other members have as much fun as possible. Most of us come home from work and are tired and just want to relax and have fun, so that's what this guild is all about: working together and having fun.

As a member of this guild, we ask that you do the following. If you do not think you can hold to these guidelines, please do not accept the terms and go your way in peace. If, after joining you feel that other members are not following these guidelines, please contact the guild leader (white@Schutz in game, or send me a message through the guild website).

Guild Rules:
1. Don't be a jerk to the other members, if there is a problem or you have a problem report it to an officer or guild leader ASAP.

2. When events are scheduled, show up fifteen minutes early. If you can't attend an event, please let the guild leader know as far in advance as possible (note, this is for people who sign up for raids).

3. (Raiders only) Please install whatever UI mods/chat programs that the guild uses before logging in.

If you are interested Please contact us via website: or in game contact white@schutz or Chotwl'@blizzda.
Thank you very much

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