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04-14-2010, 06:47 AM
Originally Posted by akumarev
Thanks for the kind words but in all honesty let me tell my side of things to that chaos.
I went into that channel (opvp) and watched for 2 days as NOONE ever tried to get a team together, it was a large open forum for crying. Crying about BTS, VM, SNB ect...
Well the day I finally spoke up was when I heard a fed player say something like "I wish Fed had a BOP ship", I agreed and pointed out some of the amazing aspects of the BOP and how when a klingon team set up correctly could ALWAYS beat a fed team (see one of my old posts regarding 5BOP sci officer build).
Well when i said that some guy named Havok@blahblahblah, decided to insult me and tell me I was a noob and ect....So after I said well then answer this question (as i posted in my thread from a while back) He and Emerald then decided to insult me and tell me I knew NOTHING about pvp because I was a fed player. SO I "mouthed off" and was banned from the channel, after which I sent 1 tell.....1 tell not 5 to Emerald and said "good to see klingons can't handle a fact that they have a " I WIN" button"" after which i was put on ignore.
SO then enter cracked planet and after a good 20 or 30 beatings we gave Klingon PUGs lots of which had emerald on it, we were called exploiters and hackers and we only have science officeres ect.....
Truth of the matter is NOthing we do is an exploit, the whole look my shields wont come back up is a bug we have seen on our ships as well and the simple fix is to remove the shields and reequip them. To top all the other things off, I am usually the ONLY science officer in a team. We have heard Ego@egoaz called an exploiter for using hold exploits by many "hardcore Klingon players" that were too ignorant to just see they got hit with BTE, or a tricobalt stunned them, or they were VM-ed.

We had Emerald call us exploiters soo much so that we just stopped caring about being "nice and fair" to the enemy. After seeing his own screenshot of 4 RSP and 2 EPTS we laughed so hard, that was the reason why he was crying so hard. He stacks abailites that are good for himself and not to help his team like a cruiser class should be. Not only that he had BTS on his bar as well. So after being called an group of exploiters becuase we use BTS we see the loudest mouth on klingon side is using the same skill we use we just said "F it". Then we would see him on a carrier and use a known exploit at the time, the carrier console swap exploit which was actually covered by a dev as an exploit and since has been changed to show it actually was, we just figured most klingons were his puppet cry babies. Then when he finally meets one of our teams (not our top team) in a pvp match and goes up 6-0 he talks trash cuz they use a different strategy and they decide to take SS and bail out at 6-0.....If we did that everytime the game is 6-0 we would never lose a game. Now I know there are different perspectives on this particular fight, I wasn't there and the topic can go into another thread if needed but IMO 6-0 is not a win it's a lead.

So fastforward to today and we still have klingons that quit everytime they see us, feds do not. In fact we se more feds asking us for advice on hwo to get better than anything. To those that want to get better get a premade (feds and klingons alike) and join the PremadePVP channel for real matches.
I want to give a shout out to
section 31 good group of players. returners solid heart on those guys. @emojoe a spaz but a nice guy.
Kurgon, seen this guy on klingon side a few times and he is solid. and Drek again cuz he is solid as well.
Thanks for the shout out, Akumarev. Much respect back to you.

FWIW, this Klingon will never run, even if it's 5 on 1. It's always a great day to die.

Hope to see you in-game again sometime soon!

Kind regards,
Kurgan@thermobarix [TKO]

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