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# 1 respec findings
03-18-2010, 02:43 PM
With the respec coming up. I have done a few experiments this afternoon to find what some of the skills do for you. Here is what I found.

Engineering Maintainence - only effects skills. I saw no change in power levels with these skills.
Engineering Efficiency - Effects low power levels. for example at 25% engine power is 38.
Engineering Performance - a flat +9 power at all levels with all 9 levels.

All of the skills of each ship type do boost ship performance.

So with all 9 levels in efficiency + performance engines are 48 at 25%.
Biggest thing is with weapons performance at all 9 levels and 1 plasma manifold an Raptor/BOP will be at 125 weapons power. Add Emergency to weapons and 2 eps and you will do serious damage with cannons.

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# 2
03-18-2010, 02:52 PM
Thanks for your effort, I really appreciate it when people gather data and share it with others.

But it has already been done here, if you want to look it up yourself, a little more detailed:

Here is a index of some other useful guides you might want to check it out:

And if you are into number crunching don't miss this site out:

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