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Naw'Tem is the KDF sister fleet of Access Denied

[Access Denied is a well established casual friendly Tire 5 Fed fleet]

Our Purpose:
Strive to provide an active, casual, friendly and mature environment for Star Trek Fans and players of the MMO game Star Trek Online. Provide a team oriented community where fellow gamers can have access to like minded individuals seeking casual play with knowledgeable members, whether they are new to the game or long term players.

About Us:
Naw'Tem is a gaming Fleet (Guild) for the online game Star Trek Online (STO). Naw'Tem is not a hardcore fleet. We are tailored to the working adult, student and/or parent who cannot afford to spend countless hours on an MMO when life's priorities demand our attention. Naw'Tem strives to offer a mature, active and friendly community that specializes in casual play for individuals who want to enjoy Star Trek Online without the pressures and time demands that other fleets sometimes inadvertently place on their members.

Our fleet has members from all over the world in many different time zones. So you are sure to find members online at every hour of the day.

What we aim to offer:
*Established active fleet
*Weekend, evening and seasonal fleet events and activities
*Easier access to teaming for 5-man STF content
*Experienced and helpful leadership & members
*Produce and maintain a Tier 5 Fleet Starbase, completed Embassy, completed Mine and completed Spire
*No Stress!
*No Drama!
*Website and Forums
*Home away from home
*Access to our shared chat channel with Sister fleets, Access Denied and Access Denied 2
*Access to our Mumble Voice Server

If you are interested in joining our fleet, or would like additional information regarding fleet policies, please visit our web page

And please feel free to contact in-game any of the officers listed on our fleet officer page.

Website: http://adfleet.org

Click here for Access Denied Fed fleet recruitment Information
Bash (@capbash)
Public Relations Officer/First Officer
Access Denied/Naw'Tem

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We are a well mixed crew of casual, but still experienced players. We don't request reaching certain dps numbers, but we still cover the whole pve content (from regular STFs up to the No Win Scenario) and are happy to help anyone who is trying to get the harder content done as well.
With the introduction of the "Fleet mark surplus" project, donating/earning fleet credits isn't hard anymore. We've everything maxed out and got all the fleet equip available and also offer our help to everyone who is interested when it comes to ship builds, piloting and the right synergy of equipment.
Due to our FED sister fleet we are able to offer a home over there as well, including a shared channel which makes it easy to communicate and team up on both fractions.

Visit our updated homepage (http://adfleet.org/news.php) and join the Alliance!
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ghaH 'ej Duvan, SuvwI' Qup!

We are Naw'Tem. A House of honorable warriors dedicated to the glory of the Empire. If the slaughter of the qa'meH quv is what you seek, then join us!

Our Bloodwine comes from only the finest of vintage. Our halls sing of the greatest of battles won by our noble kin. Our veS Duj are forged from the greatest shipyards. We are the embodiment of what it mean to be Klingon.

We have put the "war" with the Federation behind us, and formed a grand alliance with one of their greatest fleets to join in the battles against all the qa'meH quv no matter what form they cower in. Undine, Borg, Voth, Elachi...BAH! They are like puj puq to us.

Our tuq mIw'e' on Qo'noS is open at most hours if your are interested in joining our House.


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