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I am looking for one of my chars for a spansih speaking kdf fleet.
They should be active and also use TS, and please grown ups.

I am german but I lived a long time in spain and I realy miss speaking the language - and here in germany I don't get any practice.

I am not looking for a fleet where I do have to wear a special uniform, or do have to equip my ship in a special way.

please write to me ingame at @hoemschipoemsch


Estoy buscando una flota epaņola - es decir una flota con la lenguage castilian, con TS and pro favor adultos.

Soy alemana pero vivo para algunos aņos en espaņa y me gusta la idioma. Aqui no tengo la possibilidat.

Las cosas que no necessito es unavez quando tengo que traer una uniforma especial o quando tengo que usar un especial eqipe en my barco

contactarme in el juego @hoemschipoemsch


cu und \\//

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