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nuqneH, soldiers of the Empire! The K.C.G. is a new fleet for members of the K.D.F. that focuses on social interaction, creating bonds of friendship, and of course role-playing in a fluid and nonrestrictive way. What we mean when we say we are a casual role-playing fleet is that you do not have to be in-character all the time while you're with us, in fact, you're free to break character whenever and however you want. There is no entrance exam and all we ask of players is to treat others with respect and not abuse the fleet bank, all we ask of the player characters is their loyalty and oath to protect the High Council. Everyone above the rank of recruit has the ability to withdraw (within understandable limitations) from the fleet bank and deposit, recruits can only deposit, but since we're rather undermanned at the moment you will become a full-fledged warrior quickly.

Below is a handy list of what you can expect as a warrior of the K.C.G.
  1. Access to the fleet bank. (1 item and 10,000 credits per day limit)
  2. Being a part of what will hopefully be a very active fleet.
  3. Be there with us as we build our holdings, earn fleet credits, and grow in power while the fleet grows in power with you. (We are currently Tier 0)
  4. Leaders who can be contacted at any time for any reason and who will never feel the need to lord over or be detached from the rest of the fleet.
  5. The opportunity to play as a member of the Klingon Council Guard however you like.

I hope to go into glorious battle with some of you, not just as comrades in the K.D.F., but hopefully as brothers and sisters of the K.C.G. as well.

If you feel honor and patriotism burning in your soul or simply want to join you can contact me or my second-in-command in-game at Rikord@comraderichard3 or Maridia@chounyuu respectively. Messaging here is also more than welcome, feel free to ask any questions, Qapla' to you all.

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